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Facebook said it would sue


The most popular social network has announced that it will file a lawsuit against companies that abused the trust of users by using their personal data for their own profit. Facebook said that in several countries of the EU and certain States of America, legal proceedings will be initiated regarding the unauthorized intervention of the Instagram and Facebook platforms by third parties.

The Office emphasized the inadmissibility of circumventing the company's terms and creating its own rules in these social networks.

This social media company set the first precedent in jurisprudence by making such uncharacteristic claims in defense of information rights. Charges have been filed against a fake service registered in Spain in Spain and a questionable data collection office from the state of California. In this way, the laws on the use of online platforms, for the purpose of obtaining databases, abuse and computer fraud on both continents are violated.

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What was the purpose of this lawsuit? Undoubtedly: to protect users from the actions of criminals who will speculate on their personal data.

The Spanish company MGP25 Cyberint Services appears in the implementation. These guys used real accounts to spread fake likes and comments, which is a serious violation of the law. All this was done for a commercial purpose and continued even after an official warning about improper behavior.

In turn, the case against Mohammad Zagar is being resolved in San Francisco (USA). Emu is accused of using a bogus service, Massroot8, to ask users to verify their accounts on their site in order to log in.

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In this way, Zagara got the opportunity to access the real profiles of people, He zeroed out the data and created bots that liked and commented on the posts he needed, without matching with real personalities.

This case does not show that a big, powerful corporation decided to suppress a small, clumsy private entrepreneur. On the contrary, we are watching how today, when the world is ruled by information, global social networks are trying to protect their consumers. Just imagine what will happen if your "social friends" start receiving likes and comments from you on information that you haven't even read?

Unfortunately, at this stage, no sanctions have been applied against the violators, and their sites continue to create a mess in the world information web.

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