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blog 164 Matt Cutts predicted the work of Google ten years ago
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Matt Cutts predicted how Google's search engine would work.

blog 158 Why sites are slowly sinking in positions
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Many webmasters face such a problem - the site loses its position in search results.

blog 154 Google search engine deindexing the page?
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Sites that are unavailable within a few days will be subject to URL de-indexing by the Google search engine.

blog 151 How Google SERP layouts affect users?
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Specialists from the Coast Digital agency decided to analyze how the design of the Google search page affects user behavior.

blog 160 The HTTP version of the site should not be deleted, Google said
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On his official Twitter profile, Google employee John Mueller

blog 157 The Disavow Links Tool has not been associated with negative SEO
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John Mueller, an employee of the Google search engine, said on his official Twitter page.

blog 155 What to do if there are a lot of soft 404 errors in Search Console
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What to do correctly in case of a large number of soft 404 errors.

blog 152 How do external links affect the promotion of the site today?
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The search engine's John Muller said at the last Webmaster Video Meeting

blog 159 The news about the global local update is a fake - said Google
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In the last few weeks, foreign SEO specialists had a question that they began to actively discuss.

blog 156 Google has decided to strengthen the fight against spam in the Chrome Web Store
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In the Chrome Web Store extensions, the developers announced a change in the rules.

blog 153 How the value of external links changes
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Do external links change their value over time?

blog 80 Support for new Google snippets will begin by the end of this week
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Now SEO optimizers will be able to easily influence the overall appearance of snippets in the search engine