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blog 305 Google has made communicating with buyers easier
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In Google "Google Search" and "Google Maps" added the ability to communicate with potential buyers directly in the chat.

blog 301 New functionality for fashionistas from the Bing search engine
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Microsoft's Bings search engine is now on trend. Wandering through the spaces of online stores in search of new...

blog 292 Chrome started working faster
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The latest update of Google Chrome will give users more time.

blog 289 LLC - domain for business
 IT news  

The .OOO domain name speaks for itself, it was purposefully created for business registration.

blog 302 Telegram channel has launched an advertising exchange
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Telegram has launched a new project, - a platform for finding new customers.

blog 294 New from AKAR: advertising will be supplemented with interactive material
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In November, a new project launched to help both businesses and users.

blog 293 A new type of advertising will be launched on YouTube
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Recent studies have shown that half of YouTube users prefer to listen to the channel.

blog 290 Promotional tariffs and new contracts for Yandex Partners
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Yandex.Market made a pleasant surprise for Partners: all customers of the Marketplace and the previous version of Beru pay 1 ruble...

blog 300 Google Ads against falsification and deception
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Advertisers were put in a strict ethical framework: Google Ads announced new rules for placing advertisements.

blog 295 Help for advertisers: "product groups" in myTarget
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In order to improve the efficiency of the selection of the target audience, myTarget was supplemented with the option of grouping products.

blog 291 Tips from Google: Ask the search engine a question online
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It's a golden time for seoshniks: now you can ask questions "without leaving the cash register".

blog 287 Mobile operators against fraudsters
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Soon they will declare an open war on fraudsters. The Ministry of Digitization is actively working on the draft law...