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Fluctuations of the site in search results take about a year


In another video chat, the Company's employee John Muller explained: the first year any new resource suffers from constant changes in ranking. He also noted that this is absolutely normal. It takes time for the search engine to determine how to allocate the resource. Significant changes in search rankings may occur during this period.

This is a completely natural process, and it is not associated with incorrect work or mistakes

The owner of the web page, which is already 8 months old, was interested in this problem. At first everything went well: the ranking was absolutely without problems and the rating was quite high, but in the last month difficulties began to arise, possibly due to an SEO attack. As a result of the external influence, the search for the online service began to return about 1,500 spam links, which significantly lowered the rating. In the end, it completely disappeared from the search engine. The webmaster asked how to fix this error.

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Muller emphasized that the history of this platform is still too young compared to the rest of the Internet. Up to a year is the period when Google's algorithms try to find out the place of this resource among the rest. They adapt to everything new long enough to then correctly place a certain site in opposition to other content on the network. After a year, this situation will level off and it will be available to users again.

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