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blog 550 «Allowing the creation of new Russian-language domains, we thereby permit the idea of the re-communization of Ukraine to live on» — an interview with UA national domain administrator Dmitry Kohmanyuk

Dmitry Kokhmanyuk has been administering the UA domain since 1995. In this interview, he will discuss the history of Ukrainian domains.

blog 505 Register correct Ukrainian domains and connect them to the website without losing traffic

A step-by-step guide to registering the right mirror domain name and connecting it to your site without losing traffic

blog 464 The best IT courses for children in online format
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Most parents try to limit their child's computer time. Perhaps it is better to support her enthusiasm and send her to programming courses?

blog 430 Free online training for Ukrainians during the war

Wanting to help Ukrainians who have lost their jobs, many online educational platforms have made their courses and webinars free.

blog 539 Google updates in March 2024 – the search engine rolls out a global update

The latest Google updates will significantly impact search results. Read the article to find out what actions can now be considered manipulative.

blog 496 ChatGPT-4 is available on Bing - How to use artificial intelligence for business for free

How to use ChatGPT-4 free for business? With the help of the Bing search engine, because it works on the basis of this neural network.

blog 462 How do data centers work "without electricity" and in conditions of constant shelling of the energy system of Ukraine

The stable operation of our services depends on the power supply of the equipment in the data centers. We learned how DCs solve the problem of turning off the light.

blog 459 TOP-12 most famous Ukrainian cyberattacks on Russian sites

The Ukrainian IT-army masterfully spoils the nerves of the occupiers in the Internet space. We have collected for you a digest — the loudest cyber attacks on Russian websites.

blog 523 What was the year 2023 like for — Year in Review
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Despite challenges, persevered, achieving significant milestones in 2023. Explore our success in the article!

blog 469 What 2022 was like for Cityhost: results and achievements
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In anticipation of the New Year, we traditionally sum up and tell our users what we managed to accomplish in the past year.

blog 460 Stellarium 1.0 virtual planetarium is a digital version of the universe

The virtual planetarium is a unique project that has been under development for 20 years. It will help users study the starry sky without leaving home.

blog 449 Factors that affect the cost of hosting and domain registration
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Ukrainian providers are raising prices for services. From what components the cost price is formed and how it is related to exchange rates - read in the article