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blog 409 PRO: what is it and who needs it, an overview of software PRO services

From January 1, 2022, the entrepreneurs of the country are obliged to register the PRO for further legal work. What is software PRO and which service to choose?

blog 385 How to pay less for hosting?

Cityhost offers many opportunities to save on services. Today we are talking about package offers, discount promotions

blog 362 Overview of payment systems: Interkassa, LiqPay, EasyPay, Portmone, Fondy, WayForPay
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Payment systems are an automated complex that processes information about transactions received from various payment systems.

blog 309 Yandex launches an audit of Turbo pages
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In the near future, Yandex.Market will regularly track errors in the operation of Turbo pages.

blog 408 2021 — the results of the year
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On the eve of the New Year, we gathered and counted our achievements. We share with you our achievements for 2021!

blog 381 Useful webinars from Collaborator in May
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Hosting provider Cityhost is a partner in Collaborator's webinar series. The material contains announcements of May webinars.

blog 320 Overview of delivery services: Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, Meest, Justin.
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The effectiveness and profitability of the store largely depends on the speed of delivery.

blog 306 Google Assistant will read your messages from social networks
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If you can't read an urgent text message, ask Google.

blog 393 Millions of sites stopped working because of Lets Encrypt, what to do?
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Lets Encrypt root certificate has stopped working. Why did this happen and how to restore access to the sites?

blog 367 SoMo bot is a bot for collecting and analyzing media information
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SoMo bot - a bot that allows you to monitor mentions of keywords in the media, on TV, radio and in social networks. Promo code for Cityhost customers!

blog 310 Yandex has improved Alice's assistant and added new functions
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Virtual assistant Alice, created by Yandex, has expanded its functionality.

blog 304 Useful tips from Yandex.Market
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Recently, the Yandex.Market service launched a price analysis function on the market.