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blog 289 LLC - domain for business
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The .OOO domain name speaks for itself, it was purposefully created for business registration.

blog 288 New realities: quarantine, business and hired personnel
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According to the research of the company SuperJob, half of the companies coped with the quarantine challenges perfectly.

blog 282 In December, Google closes access to old reports
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If you are making money with the AdSense program, but have been too lazy to update the interface, hurry up.

blog 278 Smart search engine for online sales
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A search that can analyze queries will help make shopping on the Internet pleasant and easy.

blog 290 Promotional tariffs and new contracts for Yandex Partners
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Yandex.Market made a pleasant surprise for Partners: all customers of the Marketplace and the previous version of Beru pay 1 ruble...

blog 286 Announcement of performances at Optimization 2020
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The annual internet marketing conference has released the list of 2020 speakers who plan to attend this year's event.

blog 280 Message from Google: the main page is more efficiently optimized
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The constant expert John Muller drew the attention of web masters to an interesting feature: the search engine sometimes displays a key phrase on the screen...

blog 279 myTarget stated: The product feed is powered by external sources
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There was a real breakthrough in targeting. Now the ads for "put in the cart" are not only targeted, but also expanded.

blog 287 Mobile operators against fraudsters
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Soon they will declare an open war on fraudsters. The Ministry of Digitization is actively working on the draft law...

blog 284 About the impact of quarantine on automotive sites
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Quarantine has affected every area of business in its own way: most companies suffered losses, but some increased revenues.

blog 281 Google accounts are now linked
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Advertisers can now link Google Ads and Ads Data Hub through administrative access to create integrations.

blog 277 The resounding fiasco of WordPress
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He who does nothing is not wrong. So the WordPress team made mistakes in the update...