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Google explained the situation with poor indexing


Another video chat of the Company's employee John Muller with webmasters was devoted to the constant complaints of site owners about the difficulties that arise when determining the content of the site. There is a feeling that not all information is subject to analysis.

One of the complaints is that Google has stopped crawling the web page, according to the same principles as before, which is a cause for concern.

The representative of the Search Engine Roundtable, Barry Schwartz, suggested that something has changed significantly in the system's search algorithm, which he asked Mueller to comment on. But John denied this suspicion, confirming that neither the quality nor the depth of site indexing has changed. Moreover, Google has improved certain reports in Search Console. Thanks to this, the user receives the most accurate indicators, and this does not indicate the presence of any problems, just a more thorough check.

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Googler noted that there were no special innovations. True, for the past six months, information has been presented more clearly in Search Console. In the process of communication, he explained why it is not necessary to talk about drastic changes in the indexing process, because by and large they did not happen. It was noted that currently webmasters can see the most accurate data for those URLs that have been seen but not indexed by Google.

Although it looks like this is a problem that requires an immediate solution or a "flaw" that needs to be fixed urgently. In fact, there is nothing fatal in this, Mueller emphasized. The reason is that the program's algorithms do not have the ability to index the entire Internet.

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It was noted that there was a conversation with the Search Console staff that such information adds to the misunderstanding, and the page owners are trying to correct the errors. However, there is an opinion that this data is necessary to understand that the pages were seen by the search engine.

There is no more or less clear explanation why the pages were seen but not indexed. It is important for developers that users understand that the site as a whole has been seen, but due to its large volume, only a small part has been indexed.

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