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Google advises to avoid Nofollow links when moving around the site


During a new podcast discussion, the Google team gave clear advice to webmasters not to use lab links for migrating sites. Currently, Nofollow links are still being researched and may do more harm than good.

Martin Splitto drew the listeners' attention to the fact that the nofollow link is not a directive, but a hint, and gave a clear explanation of the difference between two popular links: field and laboratory links. Sometimes the use of Nofollow links can lead to a negative result, especially given the changes that are being made to them at the moment. According to the developers, "field links" are more reliable because they really reflect the level of user interest in the site.

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Harry Illes believes that when switching from one domain to another, you should avoid using lab links, at least for now. Google is sure that after the changes the links will be useful, but now they only slow down the search engine. A representative of the Google Corporation encouraged the listeners with prospects: at the moment, work is being carried out in three directions, but for now, you should not rush with unverified "Nofollow" links.

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At the end of the video chat, tools for instant determination of page loading speed, so-called web vitals, were discussed. Google has taken the site performance measurement services to a separate core. The release of a new type of extension to determine the loading speed of the page you are currently on has been announced. This will increase the productivity of the resource.

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