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How the value of external links changes


In a recent video meeting held for webmasters, Google employee John Mueller talked about whether links lose their value over time.

As a rule, a link that exists for a long time will lose value. Theoretically, this can be the case, but in practice there have been other cases where links do not lose their value. It should also be noted that a new link will not always be considered less valuable than an old one.

It should be remembered that the value of a link is largely determined not by time, but by how relevant the content that was found in the search engine for certain queries and links that are in it.

Links change their value over time

Links may lose or gain value over time. But this does not always happen. First of all, the result will depend on what changes occur on the website on which the given link is located.

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If an article with high relevance is added, it will have more value. But when the relevance of the article decreases over time, the link will accordingly lose its significance.

Link value decreases, but not in all cases

When the link is placed in an article that does not lose its relevance, the value does not change even over time. As long as the article is relevant, the link will have high value. In some cases, an article can become relevant only over time, so the link placed in this content will have great value over time.

Based on this, we can conclude that a link has a high value only if the content in which it is placed is relevant and relevant. Was the publication informative? Then share it on social networks. We remind you that you can buy Ukrainian hosting from the hosting company CityHost.

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