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Matt Cutts predicted the work of Google ten years ago


In April 2010, Matt Cutts, responsible for the fight against spam at Google, predicted what the search would be like in 10 years. In his interview, he told his point of view, which was noticed by John Mueller.

Matt Cutts wasn't sure there would be any "brain additions" to the search. And indeed, he was right. Of course, Google tried to start the development of the Google Glass project, but even today it is impossible to see any shifts and changes.

Cutts also predicted 10 years ago that every person will always have such a device with him that will function better than a simple mobile phone. And it turned out to be true. Nowadays, every person has a smartphone at hand, which allows solving many tasks at once.

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Matt Cutts also predicted that users will store a large amount of information in cloud storage. Right now you can observe such a picture. When the cloud allows you not to clutter up the device's memory, and keep all the necessary files at hand.

The prediction that only the most necessary information needed by the user will be in the search output turned out to be partially correct. Search engines will be based on what the user likes or dislikes, and based on this, the desired search result will be obtained. Note that Cutts left Google in 2017. He is currently a technical director at the US Department of Defense.

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