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The Disavow Links Tool has not been associated with negative SEO


John Mueller, an employee of the Google search engine, reported on his official Twitter page that the launch of the Disavow Links Tool was not related to negative SEO. In the Twitter social network, Muller responded to the comment of one of the webmasters as follows.

The link rejection tool is not used by the system to fight negative SEO. Mueller said that he could not even recall a situation in which a site would have to reject a link.

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In 2012, the Disavow Links Tool was launched, the tool was designed to disavow links. As Google representatives reported, this tool was developed specifically for webmasters when it was necessary to clean link profiles if mistakes were made at the time of link creation. Also, the tool could help clean up link profiles in the event that unscrupulous SEO specialists were engaged to promote the site.

Google employees also note that there is no need to worry about this kind of attack. The algorithm of the system is configured in such a way that it prevents negative impact on web resources.

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