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Why sites are slowly sinking in positions


Many webmasters face such a problem - the site loses its position in search results. There is an explanation for this. An employee of the Google search engine John Mueller told about it to one of the specialists in the social network Twitter. He says that if a site receives less and less traffic, one of the main reasons is a significant decrease in the relevance of the web resource.

Thus, if we listen to Muller's opinion, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • A site that loses its relevance will also lose visitors.
  • Traffic will be significantly less, the resource will decrease in search results.

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John Muller added that such a problem with declining relevance and losing position could be due to several reasons. Sometimes the reason is low-quality content, the design, as well as functionality and other things can have a negative impact. Such a problem is always connected with several factors and there is no unequivocal answer to this question.

It should be noted that a representative of the search engine already answered a similar question in February. Then he explained this problem by the fact that several factors can affect the decrease in the position at once. Among these factors, he singled out changes in the operation of the algorithm, changes in search behavior, as well as changes in the ecosystem.

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