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Optimizers and webmasters complain about poor indexing in Google


During the last two weeks, foreign webmasters began to complain that their sites began to have problems with indexing in the Google search engine. This problem was written in the Search Engine Roundtable.

One of the employees of the Google search engine, Gary Ilsh, answered these messages to Seo specialists. He stated that at present there are no problems with the indexing of new content on the sites.

Another problem was also noticed by some SEO specialists. It refers to failures in the work of Search Console. To be more specific, some webmasters have noticed that the feature that allows you to request URL indexing is intermittent. However, in this case, Google representatives did not give an explicit answer. They reported that they do not see any problem in the operation of the system, and that all functions work normally.

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SEO consultant Mary Haynes tried to understand this issue. She referred to one of Gary Illsh's tweets. He made one of the publications in January of this year, when the main algorithm of Google was updated.

Haynes believes the indexing issues are caused by the latest Core Update. If we consider Gary Ilsh's tweet, he received complaints of a similar nature after the renewal in January. The representative of Google himself replied that this is just a theory.

In fact, it remains unknown what is going on at Google. There are only one guess why there are failures in the indexing of new content on sites. Was the publication informative? Then share it on social networks. We remind you that you can buy hosting from the hosting company CityHost.

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