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John Mueller spoke about creating a sitemap


Recently, a question was posted on Reddit about creating a sitemap for a large resource, which was commented and advised by Googler John Mueller. According to the expert, it is best to refuse to create this file manually. He gave other recommendations in this regard. One of the webmasters reported that he has a client from the technical production niche. The company is engaged in the sale of industrial parts that are very similar to each other, but at the same time they are specific. There are more than 2 million SKUs in the assortment.

The task of the webmaster is to create a sitemap. There are a lot of web pages, so you need to create them manually. There is also a list of URLs in which products and categories are ordered. They were pulled from the API. It should be noted that only up to 50 thousand URLs can contain Sitemap files. There are a total of 37 pages in the Excel document, each of which contains 50,000 URLs.

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The webmaster explained how he was going to accomplish the task, and at the same time asked for help from experienced SEO specialists. A comment was left on this entry, written by Google employee John Mueller. According to him, you should not create a site map manually. He noted that it is best to get a Sitemap from a database or CMS. Other experts also took part in the discussion and expressed their opinion. One of the webmasters reported that it is possible to make a Sitemap through the API through which the list of URLs was extracted.

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In addition to the correct creation of a site map, it is necessary to consider one more important point. Once the Sitemap is received, it must always be kept up to date. It should not just be created, but also constantly maintained. The case described above has a huge number of links and products, and they can constantly change. In this case, it will be simply unrealistic to change the site map manually every time.

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