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Guidance on music listeners appeared in Vkontakte


Good news for users of the Vkontakte social network - targeting of music listeners has appeared. This innovation will allow concert organizers to find and attract potential listeners. Musicians who are just starting out can present their work to fans of the genre. Businessmen can also use this advertising mechanism.

Targeting settings

The targeting settings section is located in the advertising cabinet. You need to go into it and write a certain name in the "Listeners of musicians" line. Today, there are more than 50,000 performers here. Support for formulas is also provided. The ad can be shown to those users who are interested in several artists. Some listeners may be excluded from the selection.

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The head of internal marketing of VKontakte, Svitlana Chernikova, commented:

"The VKontakte platform attracts users by the fact that here they can satisfy most of their needs: correspond with friends, search for and listen to their favorite tracks, make purchases, read news, join communities of interest. It also benefits advertisers. Here you can make a unique offer to a supporter of both a sports club and a housewife. We are launching an updated targeting that will allow you to show ads to listeners of an artist or group. This is a great tool for various promotion mechanics. »

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Expert opinion

Experts are sure that the updated targeting will allow agency workers to save time spent on collecting a fan base manually. The new mechanism will be a good helper for beginning musicians in promotion in VK and finding their audience. Was the publication informative? Then share it on social networks. We remind you that you can buy a reliable VPS server and domain from the hosting company CityHost.

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