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Mobile operators against fraudsters


Soon they will declare an open war on fraudsters. The Ministry of Digital Affairs is actively working on a draft law that will allow phone owners to counter unauthorized actions. Now, if you receive calls from fraudsters on your mobile, or you are spammed, you can complain to the cellular company.

According to the legislation, mobile operators will be required to track traffic and establish the source. After the investigation and if the fact of fraud is confirmed, the phone from which the call was received will be blocked.

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Such measures are rightly considered necessary. However, the MTS company had a number of objections. The company claims that the anti-fraud system is already sufficiently effective. For example, if a request is made to the subscriber's number from the bank, the system simultaneously checks whether it is really an official call. If suspicions arise, the call is blocked, and I send a clarification to the administration about the eligibility of the appeal.

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Operators are also confused by the fact that the draft law in its current form is raw. If it is not modified properly, hooligans will be able to use it for their own purposes and thus complicate the life of ordinary subscribers.

Operators' fears are quite understandable and well-founded, but the number of subscribers who suffered from spam attacks and unwanted calls in 2020 increased by 20% compared to 2019. This indicates the need to apply additional measures.

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