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LLC - domain for business


The domain name .ООО speaks for itself, it was purposefully created for business registration. It is universal and suitable for any business purpose.

Advantages of the LLC domain

The peculiarity of this name is the absence of links to locations and countries. You can work with such a domain anywhere on the planet. It doesn't matter what type of activity you are engaged in. The name is suitable for organizations that have the appropriate registration. Recently, the popularity of this service has been growing, which has a positive effect on the activity of the platforms.

The recognition of the link is very high. When creating a name, enter the legal name of the company at the beginning, and you will get a unique and memorable website address. A name associated with your company is a guarantee of high traffic.

A few practical tips

Be concise when registering a domain. The name should not only be associated with your company, but also be of appropriate length. The permissible number of characters is from 3 to 63. It is better to choose the middle ground so that the name is not bulky, easy to remember, but also reflects the essence of the business.

Registration of the .OOO domain

Registration can be made for an individual or a legal entity, while it is important to follow the rules:

  1. When changing a legal entity, do not forget to change the domain. The process of re-registration of documents must necessarily include changing the name to the new owner.
  2. Carrying out registration on physical. a person, a partner, it is necessary to take into account that a person can resign. In the event of a break in relations, ownership of the .OOO domain can become an additional lever of influence, so the statutory documents should provide for this moment.
  3. Registration for a third party (not an employee of the company or an employee) involves high risks. In this case, it is better to sign a cooperation agreement, where all possible nuances will be taken into account. Upon dismissal, the employee undertakes to sign a document on the transfer of the domain to the new owner.
  4. Registration of the .OOO domain through a special contractor company may be an appropriate way out of the situation. A team of professionals will do all the work without errors and on time. However, you need to check the most important thing: who will own the .OOO domain.
  5. The choice of name should be thorough and scrupulous. The owner of the platform can become a victim of raiders who register their trademarks with the name of someone else's successful site and start to "select" the domain.

So, in order to follow all the rules and avoid unexpected surprises, it is better to buy a domain from a company with a name. Hosting provider CityHost is a company with a reputation proven by many years of experience and a team of professionals. We offer a flexible pricing policy. When you buy a domain from us, you are guaranteed 24/7 technical support and quality hosting services.

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