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New realities: quarantine, business and hired personnel


According to the research of the company SuperJob, half of the companies coped with the quarantine challenges perfectly. The employees practically did not feel the crisis in the form of delay and reduction of salary. Many companies revised their payment policies, which helped to avoid significant problems.

A high level of stability is shown by companies from the field of telecommunications and IT business. Less than 25% of the total number of those who were interviewed were reduced. About 15% resorted to the practice of shortened working hours. Almost as many sent their employees on vacation at their own expense. As a rule, these data related to companies with a staff of more than 100 employees and the field of non-food trade.

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Up to 10% of the respondents declared a complete stoppage of business for some time. About the same number were forced to resort to downsizing. The research was conducted in all regions of the country and covered more than a thousand representatives of companies in various fields.

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