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New functionality for fashionistas from the Bing search engine


Microsoft's Bings search engine is now on trend. Wandering through the spaces of online stores in search of new trinkets, fashionistas will be able to pick up a pair that matches a skirt or trousers. The new Shop the Look function will select the appropriate accessory for your purchase: a jacket, a scarf, a handbag with the precision of a good fashion designer.

The target audience is women who like to update their entire wardrobe at once for the new season, but it will also be useful for buyers of one or two updates. The program analyzes your new purchase, compares it with the collection and offers several options that match each other. Having chosen the desired item, the buyer can go to the seller's website with one click and continue the exciting "walk".

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Thanks to the innovation, ladies will always look stylish, and clothing manufacturers will be able to increase sales. Either way, everyone wins. But, for now, the "assistant" works only on the territory of the USA. Fashionable ladies all over the world are eagerly waiting for Bing to present its wonder to other continents.

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