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External optimization

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If the internal optimization of the site is aimed at working with the web resource itself, then the external one is at working with its link profile. With the help of quality links, you can make it clear to search engines that the project is interesting to users, it is discussed and recommended. The more links, the higher the authority of the site in the eyes of search engines. Of course, the links must be of high quality - the desired result cannot be achieved with a single quantity.

Main types of links

In order for the external optimization of the site to have a good effect, you need to understand the types of links. And to understand which ones to use and which ones are better to abandon.

Yes, there are:

They are all interconnected and not mutually exclusive. For example, an anchor link can be paid, open, trust, active. Or closed, free, inactive, spammy and temporary. In other words, combinations are possible in any order.

What links should a link profile consist of? It is difficult to say. The control profile will be different for each site. The main thing is that the links are of high quality. And it is desirable, of course, to try to make the link profile as diverse as possible, that is, to use different types of links. With this approach, external optimization will give the desired result.

Exceptions are links:

  1. spam They are of low quality, and search engines will not give a pat on the head for spam.
  2. Temporary . Such links should be continued every month. If you forget, they will disappear instantly. To avoid this, it is better not to use them at all.
  3. Closed . They do not convey the weight of the site, and therefore they do not make any sense. And if closed links are also purchasable, then this is money thrown into the wind.

It is advisable to abandon these links. And the rest of the types can be used in any combination.

Work on external optimization wisely!

Now you know what external optimization is. In fact, it is aimed at working on the reputation of the site in the eyes of search engines. The more quality links a web resource has, the higher its authority. And the better the positions in the search results will be.

Working on a link profile is an important part of search engine optimization. Therefore, it should be given no less attention than the internal optimization of the site. Read more about the important aspects of work on external optimization in the blog of the CityHost company.