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What to do if the donor is a backlink under the CSO


When promoting their own or client sites, promotion specialists purchase links on third-party resources. This can be done directly by contacting webmasters or using special link exchanges. The second option is faster, more reliable and more convenient. Special exchange services provide an opportunity to conveniently select sites using filters, control indexing and insure links in case they "drop out of the index" or are deleted.

Periodically, with the links that are purchased, a situation occurs when the sites on which they are placed fall under the filters. Filters are search engine sanctions that lower a site's ranking. They are imposed for low-quality content, manipulation of behavioral factors and other "gray" or "black" promotion technologies.

The most famous filters:

  • Minusynsk;
  • AGS;
  • Baden-Baden;
  • Penguin;
  • Panda.

What to do if the donor site where your link is located received a filter? Could such links have a negative impact on your site? Should I bother and remove the link? We will talk about this in our article, using the example of sites under the AGS.

Before proceeding to the answer to the question "do you need to remove the link if the donor is under the CSA", we will talk about how to minimize the likelihood of such a case.

So let's start:

  1. Scrupulously choose the sites on which you buy links.

Of course, it is impossible to predict with 100% probability whether a site will receive a CSA filter or another in the future, but filters are not imposed just like that. When choosing a domain for a link, pay attention to the site itself, its structure, the texts placed on it. Use all kinds of programs to evaluate the quality of the site on which you plan to place a link.

  1. Post links on real, live sites.

The site is immediately visible - it was created for people or for profit from posting links. This can be understood by the number of "paid materials", external links, the number of article views and, of course, traffic.

  1. Prefer placing directly, not through exchanges.

The mere presence of a site in the link sale exchange is already a bad sign. Agree, if a person adds a site to the exchange to sell links - this is a warning sign. Such a site is more likely to receive a CSA filter from Yandex or another search engine. Therefore, use other placement options: contact webmasters, write useful posts in thematic blogs and, of course, make quality content that the webmasters themselves will want to share.

Site under the CSO or remove the link

Why are links from sites under the Yandex CSA or under other filters bad?

There is an opinion that if the site on which there is a link (donor site) fell under the CSA or another filter from search engines, then this can harm the acceptor site. Therefore, to which there is a link. There is no direct evidence of this. As there are no refutations. Many specialists in Internet marketing and search engine optimization agree that in this case no harm is possible, but simply - a lack of benefit. The link from the site to the CSA simply stops giving you weight, but don't be in a hurry to remove it.

The site fell under the CSA, remove the link?

If the donor of incoming links is under AGS or another filter, you need to answer a few questions first:

  1. Is the site promoted under Yandex alone or do you take into account other search engines as well?
  2. Do you continue to buy links?

Now in more detail:

If you are involved in the promotion of the site for several search engines, then it makes absolutely no sense to remove the link from the site that has fallen under the CSA. For other search engines that did not impose a filter on the site, the link continues to act and convey weight, and therefore perform its function.

If you are promoting only under Yandex, then you can think about removing the link, but first of all answer the second question.

If you continue to actively buy links on other resources, it does not make much sense to remove links either. In this case, it is much better to simply increase the pace of purchase in order to "cover" the lost weight with new quality links.

Let's remove the link from the site under the CSO

How to remove links from sites that have fallen under the CSA filter or others?

If you still decide to remove links from donor sites under filters, you can use the following instructions:

  1. Use the tools of the exchange, if the link was purchased through them - delete the link through the interface.
  2. Contact the webmaster (site owner) and ask them to remove the link. You can find a contact on the site itself or using the Whois database. The option will pass if the data about the domain owner is open.

We want to end the article with recommendations - carefully choose donors for links, try to post links directly and, of course, create expert content that people themselves will want to share with readers.

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