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Key methods of external site optimization


You can place links for external optimization of the site anywhere. Fortunately, there are enough options. However, in this publication, we will consider the key methods of external optimization - the simplest and most understandable.

1. Social networks

A large number of social networks frees hands. After all, you can promote a web resource in:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram;
  • Vkontakte.

However, the matter is not limited to creating an account and placing a widget on the site. Groups in social networks should be constantly maintained, publishing news about the company, about the arrival of new products, about promotions and discounts.

The availability of buttons for likes and reposts on the site will be a huge plus. After all, the authority of the site in the eyes of search engines directly depends on behavioral signals.

2. Thematic content

Guest posts are also an effective method of external optimization. Publishing quality content on popular platforms is considered an excellent way to get good links. At the same time, you will increase traffic, because interested users will surely go to the site.

If you know how, write the content yourself, since no one understands the topic better than you. If not, entrust the guest posting to a copywriter, and then check his work before publishing.

3 Link exchanges

Exchanges are probably the main source of getting external links. Most site owners get them from here. Yes, you can earn filters from search engines for links from exchanges, as they severely punish violators. But if you do everything correctly, there will be no sanctions.

And, taking into account that competitors probably have hundreds of purchase links - there is no other option. You will have to monitor their link profile and try to keep up.

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4. Catalogs

There are thousands of catalogs on the network, and there are enough options for placement. You can get links from them for free, but you will have to spend another valuable resource - time. If you don't want to do the linking yourself, hire someone to do it for you.

But keep in mind that not all directories are equally good. It is necessary to select high-quality "white" sites (they are easy to find through the search results). And immediately forget about the automatic run through the catalogs - this is a direct path to the filters.

5. Forums

You can also post links on the forums. But it is a long and difficult process. After all, here you need:

  • register at each separate site;
  • earn a rating so that the administration allows you to create your own topics, and messages in other discussions cause more trust in users;
  • to ensure that the administration does not remove posts for violating the rules (or for advertising).

To do this, you will have to include your imagination, be creative and make the most informative and useful posts for users.


The main methods of external site optimization were listed above. They are simple, but very effective. If you approach the matter correctly, these methods of external site optimization will help you get a high-quality link profile.

By the way, most of it should be unanchored links. And in order for them to be displayed correctly, it is advisable to use the domain of the site in the Latin alphabet, and not in the Cyrillic alphabet.

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