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How and why to copy a control profile


Before starting work on the external optimization of the site, it is recommended to analyze the link profile of competitors. Why? To clone a referral profile and quickly get to the TOP of search engines in this simple way. Of course, there are certain nuances here, which we will consider in this publication.

What are the risks of cloning a referral profile?

The link profile of any site is formed over years. Including your competitors. It may contain low-quality links that search engines do not take into account, considering the site to be authoritative. And if you copy the link profile for a new site without changes, you can easily catch sanctions from search engines. After all, they do not make concessions to the site, which was created a week ago.

Therefore, in certain cases, this method is considered dangerous. To some extent this is true - if copying the control profile is thoughtless. And if you approach the case responsibly, there will be no sanctions.

How to analyze the control profile of competitors?

First, you need to find the leaders of the search results for the main queries from the semantic core. It is advisable to select at least 3 sites that are in the TOP for different keywords. They will be analyzed.

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You can find out the link profile of a competitor with the help of various services. For example, the Ahrefs tool has excellent functionality. Here you can see:

  • linking schedule for the past months;
  • used anchors;
  • competitors of the donor;
  • the address of sites where links are placed, etc.

Open Site Explorer or Linkpad services are suitable as an alternative option. They also have good functionality and provide such opportunities as: to find out competitor's donors, view anchors, download data in the form of a CSV file, etc.

When analyzing the link profile, exclude off-topic or low-quality sites that are created to sell links. This can be done manually or with the help of special services that perform verification according to specific parameters (SEOLib, CheckTrust).

How to clone a referral profile?

After analyzing the link profile of competitors and filtering out dubious sites, you can proceed to the main task. Of course, copying it in automatic mode will not work, since such services do not exist. But you can go through the databases of link exchanges and find sites from your list. Buying links will not take much time, because most of the processes on exchanges are automated.

You will have to negotiate directly with the owners of sites that are not in the databases. Yes, it is long, and it is not a fact that they will agree. But still - you save a lot of time, because most of the work has already been done, and quality donor sites have been found. The only thing left is to agree on the placement of links.

So is it safe to copy a referral profile?

Improper cloning of the referral profile (without filtering out dubious sites) usually leads to filters and a drop in positions in the output. But if you do everything right, good results are guaranteed. You will only need attention, determination and a certain budget.

If you are confident in your own abilities, you can copy the link profile of competitors. And for better reliability, entrust this task to professionals. So the risks of falling under the filters will be minimal.

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