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What is crowd marketing?


Promotion of the Internet project is not only internal and external optimization of the site. To achieve high positions in the issue, you need to work on brand recognition, loyalty of the target audience, attraction of new "warm" users ready to buy your product. Crowd marketing is ideal for this. With a competent approach, it always gives the desired effect.

The concept of "crowd marketing" comes from the word "crowd", which means "crowd" in English. Therefore, his main task is to influence the crowd and its opinion. It differs from classical advertising in its unobtrusiveness and lack of aggressive "rubbing". Crowd marketing is not just a powerful promotion tool, but also a secret one. This is its advantage.

An elementary example. A person comes to the store, the seller approaches him and starts praising the product, describing its advantages. This is an obvious attempt to steamroll a specific model. There are chances that a person will buy it, but they are small. The recommendation of a friend, colleague, or neighbor is much more trustworthy. Or even a comment from a stranger on the network, but who shares his own experience of using the product (this is always visible).

Crowd marketing is aimed precisely at creating such useful recommendations from people who bought a product and tested it in practice or used the services of a particular company. Anyone can give advice: a site owner, an SEO optimizer, a marketer or a real customer. But ordinary users do not need to know this. They should think that the review was left by a real buyer. This is the art of using crowd marketing.

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Peculiarities of using crowd-marketing when promoting the site

Crowd marketing solves the following tasks:

  • increases the visibility of the company;
  • increases brand traffic growth;
  • increases attendance and the number of "warm" users;
  • improves behavioral factors.

It also simplifies building up the site's link mass or helps to get the most natural links.

Due to its specificity, crowd marketing has certain disadvantages or, more precisely, nuances that should be taken into account:

  • you need to spend a lot of time searching for sites, placing recommendations and waiting for the result;
  • when writing a post, you need to understand the products well, know their key advantages;
  • you need to be able to write the most truthful reviews so that users think that they were left by a real customer, and not by a company marketer.

With the help of crowd marketing, you can get a good exhaust, if you approach the work responsibly. Therefore, you need to think over 2 nuances in advance: who will place the crowd link and on which platforms.

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Who should be trusted with the placement of crowd links?

Ideally, the site owner will handle crowd marketing. No one knows better than him the needs of the target audience and the advantages of the products being sold. But in order to place a crowd of links, you need to spend time to analyze competitors, select suitable platforms, write recommendations, monitor activity in discussions and answer questions (and they will always be there).

It is clear that the owner of the site should never do this, he has more important things to do. Therefore, third-party specialists are often entrusted with the placement of crowd links on the site. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from.


Freelancers work without intermediaries and therefore offer low rates. This is the main advantage of this option. And among all the performers who responded to the vacancy, you can always choose the one who offers the lowest rate.

But there are also disadvantages. First, you will have to spend time to find a suitable specialist. Secondly, there is always a risk of getting poor quality work. There are also no guarantees that the freelancer will not leave the project at any stage without even giving notice.

Full-time crowd marketers in the company

It is much easier to control a full-time employee. Just like controlling the quality of his work. Perhaps the chosen performer will have to be trained, but with such cooperation it is easy to organize it.

The disadvantages of this option include higher costs compared to hiring freelancers. After all, full-time employees need to be paid a good salary (more than "freelance" performers).

Service crowd links

The third option is the crowd link service. Similar sites appeared recently, but are already quite popular. In fact, the crowd link service is an intermediary between the site owner and freelancers. It saves time for searching for specialists and controls the quality of the work performed. And instead takes a certain percentage from each order on the site.

The advantages of this option include high speed of work and saving time. And the downside is the high cost (higher than if you look for freelancers on your own).


And the last option is to contact an SEO studio that promotes websites. As a rule, such companies provide all services, so you can always order crowd marketing from them.

Advantages of outsourcing:

  • the company itself monitors the work of its employees;
  • guarantee of the quality of posted crowd links;
  • legal protection against fraud (a contract is signed before the start of cooperation).

The disadvantages include huge costs. After all, outsourcing is the most expensive option for getting a crowd of links. And the second risk - if employees do not learn the specifics of your business well enough, it can negatively affect the final result.

On which platforms to post crowd links?

Crowd links are placed in comments, reviews, recommendations and tips. To get the maximum effect, they need to be published on the appropriate sites. On which ones? There are many options, so let's consider them in more detail.

Social networks

You can post comments and recommendations in Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Any groups and pages with followers who are interested in your products are suitable for publication.

You can also motivate buyers to leave reviews in your company's groups on various social networks.

Thematic forums

Users who are ready to buy goods, but have not decided where to buy, sit on thematic forums. You can help them choose a store by talking about the purchase with the URL of the site or mentioning the name of the company.

It is allowed to publish reviews and recommendations in both new and existing discussions. In the latter case, you can push users into a discussion by asking for opinions about a specific firm or asking for feedback from those who have already applied to it.

Answering services

We are talking about services such as " Answers", Yandex.Znatoky, etc. Some users ask questions, others answer. If you write a competent comment with a hidden advertisement of the site, there are high chances that people will at least go to the left link and look at the assortment of the store. And maybe they will buy the product they liked.

Thematic blogs

It is recommended to choose the sites of popular bloggers with a huge number of followers. Of course, the blog should be thematic so that the target audience is interested in the advertised goods or services.

You can publish crowd links in comments under articles. It is also possible to post your own content with links on blogs, but this will not be exactly crowd marketing.

Feedback sites

We are talking about sites like Otzovik, IRecommend, They are popular due to practical and detailed reviews with photos and videos. From such posts, it is immediately clear that a person has bought a product and is sharing his own opinion. This creates trust among users, even if the author of the publication left a link to the store where he ordered the products.

You can do the same. And in addition to publishing your own reviews, there is an opportunity to leave comments under the posts of other users.

Directories of organizations

On reference resources, you can evaluate the work of the organization and the quality of its products, leave feedback. Quite a good option for getting the first crowd of links.

Google Play and App Store mobile services

If the company has mobile software in the Google Play and App Store services, a link to download it will be available to users. And additionally - reviews of people who installed the program and tested it in practice. You can also leave your comment here.

How to properly place a crowd link?

Remember: the less noticeable your advertising post is, the more interested users will be. Therefore, crowd links in posts and recommendations are not always placed in the form of an active link. Most often, the name of the brand or brand of the product is simply indicated. Sometimes the domain name of the site remains, but it is not clickable.

The more useful information in the comment, the higher the probability that users will visit the advertised site. And the lack of an active link will not stand in the way. Users can enter the name of the company in the search engine and find its website. This way, you get a lot of advantages at once: a new "warm" client, a transition to a web resource from search, an increase in brand traffic, and an improvement in search results. And maybe even a full order.

If the comment is as concise as possible, does not carry useful information and contains an active link, this clearly indicates its advertising nature. At the very least, it will alert users. And in the worst case, the site administration will delete this comment altogether.

Also, posts and recommendations should not look spammy. If third-party specialists are engaged in crowd marketing, be sure to monitor the reviews they post about the company. After all, it is easy to lose the loyalty of users and all the previously earned earnings due to spam.


Crowd marketing is a powerful tool for website promotion. It gives excellent results, but only with a competent approach to the matter. Compose recommendations and reviews so that they bring maximum benefit to other users. Do not write false comments - if deception will bring people, then only for a while. And when the truth is revealed, the company will lose its reputation, which will be very difficult to restore.

Therefore, use honest methods: hire competent specialists who will understand the specifics of your business and make competent comments, reviews, recommendations. Or do it yourself. When leaving a crowd of links with unobtrusive hints about the company and its goods or services, the effect will be much greater than with aggressive advertising.

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