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What is a guest post?


Guest posting is one of the ways to get external links for your site. But few people use them. And in vain, because guest posting helps to get quality links that will make promotion with external links more effective. And with minimal costs. Therefore, in this publication, we will consider what guest posting is, its advantages, and how to get the maximum effect from it.

What is a guest post?

The concept of "guest posting" refers to the publication of a text on a third-party blog. The owner of the web resource gets quality content for free, and you get a backlink to your site (it is placed inside the article). As a result, both sides win.

There is a point in Google's recommendations that states that guest posting is considered a prohibited way of promoting sites. Like, it's spam. But this method is still actively used by many webmasters, because it is an actual tool for website promotion, which provides many advantages.

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The main advantages of guest posting

Guest post site optimizers are helped by:

And the owners of blogs on which guest posts are published:

  • get high-quality thematic content for free;
  • increase the authority of the site (due to the large number of authors);
  • promote the site with minimal effort (every published article increases traffic and, accordingly, advertising revenue).

How to get a good effect from guest posting?

To maximize the effectiveness of guest posting, follow these simple tips:

  1. Select sites to publish content manually. You have to look at everything: blog rating, traffic, user activity.
  2. If you order guest posts from copywriters, pay attention to their quality. Content should be expert and preferably proofread by someone knowledgeable about the topic.
  3. Before writing a guest post, discuss all requirements with the blog owner: text volume, presence of pictures, uniqueness. This will help avoid unnecessary problems in the future.
  4. Remember that guest posts are not advertising. Therefore, you should not devote the entire text to the advantages of the product or service. Even a small hint, left by accident, is enough. If users see the openly advertising nature of the content, they will not read it. And even more so they will not go to the left link.
  5. Do not be afraid to contact the owners of popular sites. Yes, many will refuse, but some will agree. So you will get a quality link from a top site. And at the same time, you will save time, since you do not even need to search for such web resources (because there is a large database of blogs for guest posting).
  6. Keep an eye out for published guest posts. Communicate with users, answer questions, participate in discussions. This will also help increase traffic.

It is also desirable that the domain name of your site be written in the Latin alphabet. After all, when placing an unanchored link, the Cyrillic address is displayed incorrectly. Namely, unanchored links make up most of the link profile, so you will have to use them often.

Should you use guest posting?

The effect of guest posting is quite high. Yes, there are risks of falling under the filters of search engines, but they also punish buying links from exchanges.

Guest posts are more reliable, as you yourself agree with blog owners about the details of cooperation, without intermediaries. And with the right approach, the effect from them will be much higher than from temporary or eternal links bought through exchanges (as average and low-quality sites usually participate there).

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