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What are through links and what is their purpose


A site's link profile always consists of different types of links. Including through and through.

Links placed in web resource elements displayed on any page are called end-to-end links. For example, in the menu, sidebar, basement. They seem to permeate the website through and through, which is why they got such a name.

Through links are internal (participate in internal linking) and external (placed on third-party resources). In this publication, we will consider the latter, since they have a greater impact on the promotion of the site.

What is the effect of crosslinking?

Crosslinking on your site is considered a good way to get a lot of mentions. In fact, only one link is posted. But search engines will see many links - as many as there are pages on the site.

In terms of SEO impact, crosslinks:

  • speed up the indexing of multi-page web resources;
  • increase traffic;
  • transfer weight

What do you need to know before placing crosslinks?

  1. Cross-linking is rarely placed within the text. After all, the presence of the same article on many pages is duplication of content, for which you can earn a filter.
  2. You can find external through links leading to a certain site using special services (Linkpad, Ahrefs). You need to look at the number of donors and external links. If the sites are conventionally 100, and the links are 10,000, then this clearly indicates the use of through links.
  3. Placement of anchor through links is negatively perceived by search engines. For this, they instantly apply filters to the site.
  4. Through links are suitable for web resources for downloading files or large sites with thousands of pages. It is better for online stores to refuse them.
  5. Through links are an order of magnitude more expensive than regular links.
  6. The greatest effect from such links is obtained when they are published on popular sites. And the risk of falling under the filters in this case will be minimal.

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Ways to get through links

You can get through links in different ways:

  • create a widget with a link and place it on third-party sites (a simple example of a through link is a weather informer);
  • publish links on your other web resources (if any);
  • negotiate with popular sites about placing a link.

How do crosslinks affect promotion?

Crosslinks can have different effects. On the one hand, the site receives many links, a decent weight, and is indexed faster. On the other hand, it can instantly fall under the filter for violating the rules. For example, for placing an anchor through link. If search engines immediately see 5 thousand mentions of a specific keyword from one site, it will not be difficult for them to guess about an unnatural link profile.


Now you know what crosslinks are and what effect they give. Yes, taking into account all the risks, not everyone is ready to promote a web resource with such links. But if you place them neatly, without anchors and on authoritative sites, then the external optimization of the site will give the desired result.

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