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How not to fall under the filter of Google and Yandex


There is no need to explain what search engine sanctions are. It is easy to fall under them - especially for incorrect external optimization. And to remove them, you will have to spend a lot of effort and wait 3-6 months.

Therefore, it is easier not to give reasons to search engines to impose filters on the site. As? It is enough to follow simple recommendations.

1. Increase the number of links gradually

You cannot quickly link to a site. Especially for the new one. When actively buying links, you will inevitably fall under the filter of search engines. This is strictly monitored by Yandex, which punishes for the slightest mistake. Google is more loyal, but will also impose a filter for a sharp increase in referral mass.

2. Increase the number of links continuously

Ideally, you should allocate the same budget per link each month. If the purchase of new links suddenly stops, this will serve as a signal to Google and Yandex that the link profile is twisted. And the sanctions of search engines will go.

To avoid this, plan your link buying plan several months in advance. Make a content plan and allocate the necessary budget. If there are not enough funds, you can purchase links in smaller quantities. The main thing is that they appear every month in the same amount, and there were no breaks.

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3. Buy quality links

You can create a natural link profile even if the links are purchased through exchanges and not manually. As? First, work with verified exchanges with a normal reputation. Secondly, select high-quality, and most importantly, thematic sites.

4. Do not use autorun through directories

It used to work, now it doesn't. Currently, autorun through directories is the easiest way to earn a filter from search engines. Yes, the opportunity to quickly get a large number of links is tempting. But the links will be of poor quality, will appear suddenly and in huge numbers, and then the purchase will stop altogether (autorun is a one-time service).

This way, you will violate the 3 points described above and get sanctions from both search engines. So forget about the auto run - it's yesterday.

5. Keep track of the number of links with the same anchor

In order for the link profile to be natural, you need to follow the optimal percentage ratio of anchor links. All anchors should be used in approximately the same amount. It is not allowed that the share of one particular keyword is conditionally 40%, and others - 5-10%. Search engines will instantly see it and impose sanctions.

The same applies to internal optimization. Here, too, it is necessary to monitor the percentage ratio of the anchors used.

6. Don't sell links on your site

In order not to fall under the CSA of search engines - never sell links. Such projects do not last long, and after the robot's visit, they are immediately put on the "black list".

Of course, you can link to third-party resources (paid or free). After all, sometimes you have to recommend certain sites. If you do it periodically, and not en masse, there will be no filters.

7. Do not buy links from adult sites

Any link from such sites is automatically considered to be of poor quality. First, such resources are blacklisted. Second, they are considered spam. Thirdly, their topic is in no way related to yours, and this is a violation of the standard rules of search engines.

Yes, links from adult sites are cheap, but their benefits end there. You will not get any result except filters from such sites.


It is easy to understand that a site is under the sanctions of search engines. This is clearly visible in the decline of positions and loss of traffic. But it is problematic to determine the reason for the imposition of sanctions and to eliminate it. Therefore, follow simple advice - and you will avoid unnecessary sanctions.

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