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How to disable links using the Disavow Links Tool


Any website owner can face a decline in positions due to low-quality backlinks. Physical removal of external links is necessary to rehabilitate the site in the eyes of search engines. But it is not always possible to come to an agreement with the owner of the donor site or the exchange administration.

Until 2012, this was considered a problem until the Disavow Links Tool came along. Everyone liked the unexpected gift from Google. After all, the Disavow Links Tool is a special tool designed to disavow low-quality backlinks. Yes, in fact he does not delete them. But the tool tells the search engine not to take the link data into account when ranking. And it significantly facilitated the work with the link profile of sites.

What should be known before using the tool?

  1. The tool does not remove external links, but only rejects them. They will remain in the list of links displayed in the webmaster panel, but the search engine will no longer take their influence into account when ranking the site.

  2. You need to use the tool correctly. You can reject links through it only if you receive a letter from Google about poor quality links. Or if you are absolutely certain that the positions were requested due to bad backlinks. Otherwise, the tool will only complicate the promotion of the site.

  3. The link rejection procedure is performed once. Google will automatically eliminate the negative effect of bad links, and the position of the site will return (if they asked for this reason). It is not necessary to send additional requests for viewing the web resource.

  4. Backlinks are not rejected immediately. It takes a couple of weeks to process the request and reindex the links.

  5. Google recommends using the Disavow Links Tool as a last resort. For example, when it is not possible to remove links in other ways.

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How to work with the Disavow Links Tool: a step-by-step guide

  1. Select the links you want to remove. You can get their list by downloading it from the webmaster panel in a .csv file. Or by analyzing the link profile of the site through specialized services. And in order to reach the maximum number of links, go through all the mirrors of the site.

  2. Analyze the collected list of links and remove them manually. This can be done using special services or Yandex.Webmaster functionality. For large-scale projects, it makes sense to order a paid audit with a reference profile check. The main task at this stage is to try to remove bad backlinks by contacting the owners of web resources or the exchange administration.

  3. Save the remaining links to a file. Links that could not be removed by standard methods should be saved to a text file and uploaded to the Disavow Links Tool. Additionally, you can register domains for which all pages will be ignored. This is implemented using the "domain:" command.

  4. Go to the Disavow Links Tool. Select the required site, click on the "Reject links" button and download the previously prepared file.

Then you just have to wait. Delinking takes several weeks to process the request and re-index.

How to disable backlinks for Yandex?

The domestic search engine does not have a similar tool. And turning off backlinks has to be done in standard ways. And if it doesn't work out, Yandex doesn't care.

Don't wait for help from technical support. Yes, you can write them a letter, and they will even answer, but they will say that bad links do not affect the position of your site in any way. Although in reality there will still be a negative impact.

The only thing that can be done here is to try to carefully select donors so that you do not have to reject bad references later. Yes, they will always be. But with a minimal amount, their influence will be insignificant. And if you increase the number of links correctly, external optimization will still give the desired result.

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