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Overview of payment systems: Interkassa, LiqPay, EasyPay, Portmone, Fondy, WayForPay


Payment systems are an automated complex that processes information about transactions received from various payment systems. It acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller on the Internet and can be connected to almost any trading platform. It is already difficult to imagine a modern online store without the possibility of online payment - it is convenient for the store owner, fast for the buyer and safe from the point of view of cyber security. We figured out what Ukrainian payment systems offer to sites and their clients. Below you can find an overview of popular payment systems and the terms of their connection to your site.

Ukrainian payment systems for the site

Interkassa payment system

Commission: 2.2%.
Available payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Privat24, WebMoney, masterpass, bitcoin and 70 other types of payments

Interkassa is a universal payment system for the site, designed to automate the acceptance of payments on various Internet resources that carry out trade in services or goods. During payment on any site connected to the Interkassa payment gateway, redirection to this system occurs automatically. After redirection, the user should choose the currency for payment and complete the transaction. In case of successful payment, the system sends an SMS or server message to the seller. To confirm the payment, the buyer needs to enter an SMS password.

To connect the site to Interkassa, you need to register in the system, create the first cash register and add a store, then add a logo and choose the necessary payment tools. To activate the store, you need to write to support, which works 24/7, and immediately after activation, you can accept payments through the account. You may need the help of your site developer to integrate with the site. At the same time, legal entities will also need to sign a contract.

The owner of the online store decides who to put the percentage of the commission on: it can be divided between the seller and the buyer in any ratio or put entirely on one of the parties to the agreement.

The disadvantages of Interkassa include the fact that often when trying to pay, the system sends the message "Interkassa - limit exceeded" . However, this problem is quickly eliminated by the store owners.

EasyPay payment system

Commission: 2.5%-5.5%
Available payment methods: Visa and MasterCard, cash transferred through the EasyPay terminal, electronic money, top-up from the accounts of mobile operators of Ukraine

To organize the acceptance of payments through EasyPay , first you need to decide on the payment method you plan to accept and click on the "Connect" button. The system will redirect you to the registration form. After filling it out, you will receive a call from the service manager to discuss the details of cooperation, because it is worth immediately finding out, in particular, how best to organize online payment and whether it is profitable to accept payments from abroad. The manager will consider all these nuances and develop a settlement format that will benefit the business.

After signing the contract, you can connect the store to the EasyPay system. If your site is developed on one of the popular CMS, download the calculation module from EasyPay, enter your personal account, copy the html code and paste it on the desired page. A convenient payment button will appear on the site. By clicking on it, the visitor of the online store will be able to instantly pay for the selected product or service.

In addition, the connection can be made through an API with which you can access the full range of functionality: return management, transaction tracking, reporting, etc.

The design of the page is easily adjusted to the general style of the site. You can make changes manually or apply ready-made templates. payment system

Commission: 2%
Available payment methods: Visa, Visa Checkout, MasterCard, MasterPass, Privat24, GooglePay, ApplePay, Space.

Portmone is also a universal payment system for the site, its payment gateway can be used for regular online stores with websites, mobile versions of sites and mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Portmone offers several convenient payment tools:

  • automatic payments: customers will be able to independently set up automatic payment of regular bills;
  • two-click payment: the client only needs to save the details of the payment card once, after which he can pay by specifying only the CVC2 / CVV2 code;
  • pre-authorization of payments: you can block money on the client's Card for up to 7 days without actually debiting it;
  • payment via SMS or email;
  • bulk invoices: save your time by issuing up to 100 invoices for payment at a time.

LiqPay payment system

Commission: 2.75%
Available payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, cash, Privat24 internet banking

LiqPay is the web interface of PrivatBank. To start accepting payments on the website, you need to register your store in LiqPay in a few simple steps. After registration, the store will be checked and activated within a day.

For the security of payments, the service provides the following tools:

  • two-stage payment (hold) is necessary if you need time to check the availability of a product or service. I stage - blocking of the amount on the card, II - write-off;
  • moto payments are the possibility of independent debiting of funds from the client's card: to accept the payment, you will not need physical access to the client's card, only the card number and its validity period will be enough;
  • secure payments - an opportunity for the client to make a secure payment on the site: the bank guarantees the crediting of funds upon confirmation of the delivery of the goods.

Platon payment system

Commission: 2.75%
Available payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Privat24, GooglePay, ApplePay, Space.

The PSP Platon fast payment system is also suitable for any e-shops, online services and mobile applications on Android and iOS. Any popular payment methods, Visa, Mastercard, Prostir electronic payment systems are available here.

Payments are protected according to European protocols Protective Security Detail 2.0 and General Data Protection Regulation using manual and automatic anti-fraud systems, SecureCode technologies from Mastercard and 3D-Secure from Visa.

The service provides for 4 stages of integration of the payment module on the site:

  1. Submitting an application through the feedback form;
  2. Checking the web resource for compliance with Ukrainian legislative norms;
  3. The process of implementing the payment module on the site;
  4. Testing and verification of payment system algorithms.

It is convenient that PSP Platon provides the possibility of branding the payment form, which significantly increases the client's confidence when paying. The payment form will be made in corporate colors and using the necessary graphic materials, and the page itself will be placed in an iframe. In addition, the service offers the creation of an invoice with the required amount and sending it for payment to customers by Email, SMS. The transaction fee is 2.75%.

Fondy payment system

Commission: 2.2%
Available payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, GooglePay, ApplePay, Space.

With the Fondy payment service, you can also integrate payment acceptance into your CMS or site builder thanks to ready-made plugins. A flexible API is provided for custom sites and online stores. In addition, the system allows you to analyze how customers make payments.

One of the most convenient features of the service is the payment link. It is a tool for accepting payments in social networks, messengers and chatbots. When your customer opens the link, they are taken to a secure payment page with the payment amount, payment description, currency and a choice of five payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Prostir or Google Pay and Apple Pay mobile wallets.

Also, Fondy gives complete freedom of action for setting up the payment page: from adding your own logo and additional fields for filling to changing the placement of buttons, description, background or color of the page. In addition, the system offers to make a payment page in the style of the site, because, according to Fondy's observations, a single user experience on the site and on the payment page provides 30% more conversion.

Payment system for the WayForPay website

Commission: 2.5%
Available payment methods: Visa, Visa Checkout, mVisa, MasterCard, Masterpass, Privat24, GooglePay, ApplePay, Prostir, PrivatBank terminals, cash, BotPay, as well as the ability to split payment into several payments for Alfa-Bank, PrivatBank, monobank customers.

A feature of WayForPay is online installments without additional contracts with banks and integrations: one store - five types of online loans from three Ukrainian banks. The store receives the entire amount of the purchase at once, and the client will pay in installments to the bank where the loan was issued. WayForPay's commission is 2.5% for successful payments, regardless of the payment method. There is also a payment widget here - a pop-up window that will be displayed on top of the site, without additional transitions to the payment gateway page.

Advantages of payment systems for the site

Payment systems allow you to pay on the site in all convenient ways - by electronic money, card, through terminals, social networks and messengers. For most CMS, payment services offer to install ready-made modules yourself. The rate of the payment system often consists of commissions of the bank through which payments are made, as well as commissions for additional options that the payment service must provide. On average, the fee is 2-3% per transaction. It is in the interests of the site to offer several payment options to ensure that customers can pay as they wish.

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