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blog 313 How to install plugins in WordPress

There are three ways to install WordPress plugins. Manual plugin installation via FTP server...

blog 312 How to create an internal link on your WordPress site

Internal links on a WordPress site are simply internal links between posts and pages on your site.

blog 238 How to know a WordPress template

The success of a business enterprise depends on many factors, one of which is the appearance of the site: its attractiveness...

blog 231 Features of creating a site on Wordpress

Free use of Wordpress CMS system for commercial and personal purposes...

blog 314 How to Create a WordPress Favicon

The favicon icon is responsible for the widely understood identification of the website in the browser.

blog 240 How to remove WordPress sidebar

Let's start with the basics. Sidebar is an auxiliary panel placed on the side, usually on the right side.

blog 239 How to remove the inscription "site works on wordpress"

Many people use convenient and affordable Wordpress to create their web platform.

blog 228 How to restore the classic WordPress editor

Once you've finished installing WordPress, you can start editing the content you publish on your website right away.

blog 311 How to create and publish a new WordPress post

WordPress posts, unlike websites, are designed for dynamic content…

blog 241 Where WordPress stores pages

When creating your web platform, you are faced with the need to manage the resource yourself.

blog 230 How to properly use categories and tags in WordPress

Categories and tags offer opportunities for more engagement and traffic that most bloggers using WordPress CMS are wasting.

blog 229 How to remove unnecessary WordPress plugins and templates

If you use WordPress CMS, you know that it gives you unlimited possibilities in installing and managing plugins and website templates.