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blog 225 What is a WordPress plugin and how do I install it?

A plugin is a program that extends the functionality of a WordPress theme.

blog 224 Why is WordPress a good choice for a website?

Thinking of ordering a website for your company? Do you see the competition evolving and want to catch up?

blog 216 How to connect Google Analytics to WordPress

The analysis of statistical data is the main condition for the successful promotion of the site.

blog 226 How to insert a link in WordPress?

HTML links link individual web pages, but can also be used to display PDF files.

blog 221 How to choose the best WordPress hosting

Choosing reliable WordPress hosting for your needs can significantly improve SEO and increase sales.

blog 215 WordPress, what it is and what it is eaten with

Basically, web sites are not created on a blank sheet, but on a certain foundation: templates, ready-made settings and tools for uniqueness.

blog 223 How to install a theme in WordPress

You can customize the appearance of the website to suit your needs.

blog 222 Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress CMS

WordPress is a content control system with public source code.

blog 214 How to find and set the main page in WordPress?

The first impression is extremely important not only for a person, but also for a site whose interface is created using WordPress.