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blog 355 How to create an online store on Wordpress?

Today you will learn how to create a Wordpress online store. The world is unthinkable without Internet trade. Every company needs a website.

blog 354 How to embed a video in Wordpress?

Today you will learn how to embed a video in Wordpress. Video is one of the most important elements of content. It can be a product review, music videos, news.

blog 348 How to add a font to a WordPress theme?

If you are tired of standard fonts and you want to improve your site, making it more original, you need to know how to add a font to the WordPress theme

blog 343 How to create a site with WordPress?

WordPress has long established itself as a simple yet multifunctional content management system.

blog 352 How to post an entry on a Wordpress page?

This article will be of interest to novice users who are taking their first steps in the world of WP. WordPress is convenient because it is well suited for low-cost hosting.

blog 350 How to change a template in Wordpress?

The network presents a huge number of themes for designing a WordPress site, many of them are available for free - they are downloaded by thousands of webmasters.

blog 349 How to add Google Analytics to Wordpress?

Google Analytics is one of the main marketing tools that allows you to analyze the site in detail. To use all its possibilities, you need to know how to create and how to insert Google Analytics in WordPress.

blog 315 How does WordPress hosting differ from regular website hosting?

Most websites today are based on the WordPress content management system (CMS).

blog 353 How to transfer a site from Wordpress to hosting?

Today you will learn how to transfer a site from Wordpress to hosting. The first transfer always causes anxiety.

blog 351 How to find Wordpress page ID?

Page ID is a unique number that helps identify information. Do you want to effectively manage the site?

blog 347 How to install a theme on WordPress?

After installing WordPress on hosting for the site, you should understand how to use the administrative panel.

blog 316 Tips for developing a travel blog on WordPress

If you love to travel, you can start a blog to share your experiences and give practical advice to other people.