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TOP-12 most famous Ukrainian cyberattacks on Russian sites


  1. A call to the Kremlin

  2. Destroying Rutube

  3. Putin was late again

  4. Day of remembrance of Russian aviation

  5. Truth on satellite television

  6. Zelensky spoke on Crimean channels

  7. Cyber troops congratulated the occupiers on the Independence Day of Ukraine

  8. Every Wagner executioner will be found

  9. Hackers under the guise of girls lured the position data

  10. Zelenskyi spoke with Dagestanis

  11. Mosoblenergo was broken - I went to see how the Crimean bridge was burning

  12. The dictator was congratulated on his last birthday

The war with Russia continues not only on the real front, but also in the network - the cyber war has turned into a serious battlefield, no less important than the real one. In the very first days of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian hackers rallied to carry out DDoS attacks and hack the aggressor's web resources. It reaches everyone — mass media, state structures, banks, and enterprises important for the economy.

Already on February 26, 2022, the Ukrainian IT Army was created under the patronage of the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Everyone could join the army's Telegram channel called IT army of Ukraine and contribute to the destabilization of the Russian Internet infrastructure.

Already in the first days of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian hackers took down the servers of thousands of government and private websites in Russia and Belarus. So, on February 28, the website of the Moscow Exchange was disabled, which did not last even 5 minutes. Large-scale corporations such as "Alrosa" (diamond mining), "Yamal" and "NordStar" (airlines) were also affected. And in August, the sites of the Russian pension fund, post office and video conferencing platform were “defaced”. You can't count how many times the websites of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor, Rosaviatsia, and the Kremlin have been hacked.

This list can be continued for a long time, because on the IT front, new cyber attacks occur every day, and our hackers give pepper to the aggressor country.

Since the international group Anonymous also joined the attacks on Russian services, this confrontation was dubbed the First World Internet War.

We have collected in the TOP-12 the most famous cyberattacks on Russia, which were carried out by the Ukrainian cyber army, and which not only caused damage, but also spoiled the mood of the enemy.

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A call to the Kremlin

One of the first episodes of moral pressure on the top of the aggressor country was the hacking of the Kremlin telephone base on February 28. A complete list of the phone numbers of all Kremlin officials was posted online with a call to ordinary Ukrainians to call the officials and tell them what they think about the war in general and the Kremlin leadership in particular. The ideal option was to record the conversation on video or audio, which could later be added to the evidence base of Russia's crimes against Ukraine.

The list included deputies, journalists, high-ranking officials, and even fortune-tellers. In Telegram, an open chatbot "Vlast rf" was created and all contacts were filled there. The Ukrainians, of course, did not delay and started to pick up the phones.

Destroying Rutube

One of the greatest victories of the Ukrainian IT forces is the disabling of the Russian analogue of YouTube, which in the country of absurdity is replaced by adequate video content.

In this way, our hackers congratulated their eastern neighbors on May 9, because it was on this day that almost all the code and content of the hosting was destroyed. As a result of the cyber attack, 75% of the site and 90% of backups were deleted.

The attack was being prepared since April, hackers even then began to delete a number of critical data, but Russian specialists did not pay attention to this and could not prevent the destruction of the code due to traditional negligence.

Rutube lay down for several days, but later it was still restored.

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Putin was late again

The Russian dictator is known for his way of being late for important meetings, but this time he was helped by Ukrainian cyber warriors. In the week from June 13 to 19, they put more than four hundred Russian sites, among which were the resources of the courts (and then they lay for several weeks) and the pseudo-republics of the DPR and LPR. But the most pleasant thing was that hackers carried out massive attacks on the accreditation base of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, due to which Putin's meeting with military journalists had to be postponed an hour later. Thanks to this, his ability to carry achinea (crossed out) propaganda in the planned volume decreased.

Day of remembrance of Russian aviation

On August 12, in honor of the celebration of the Day of the Russian Air Force, Ukrainian hackers hacked the cable network in the Altai Krai and showed TV viewers a clip edited from the dictator's speeches, footage of burned Russian equipment and explosions at the Crimean airfield. The video was accompanied by information about the real losses of the aggressor at the front.

The hackers called the video "Eternal memory of the Russian Air Force" and congratulated the military pilots on their professional holiday so far.

Truth on satellite television

This is not the only case when Ukrainian cyber troops hacked TV channels and broadcast the truth about the war.

The day of victory for the Russians was marked by the intervention of Ukrainian hackers in the operation of the channels of the entire network of propaganda broadcasting. A tape appeared on the air with messages: "The blood of thousands of murdered Ukrainians and their children is on your hands," "Your government is lying to you," and others.

And on Russia Day, June 12, the occupier's satellite channels broadcasting abroad were hacked. All of them broadcast true information about the war, a dance from "Swan Lake" performed by policemen, and a mourning photo of Putin.

The first channel, NTV and "Russia" talked about the economic decline of Russia due to the invasion, called it a country of widows, announced the real number of personnel losses (at that time 30 thousand) and told about the embezzlement of the military budget.

The loudest cyberattacks - hackers hacked Russian television

Zelensky spoke on Crimean channels

In August, Crimean TV channels were hacked and Zelensky's video message was shown, reminding who actually owns Crimea. For this, one of the traditional video addresses of the President was used, in which he says that the Russians have seized the Crimean land, and they will not rest on the occupied territory. After that, Crimeans were able to listen to the song "Ukraine is you" performed by Tina Karol.

Cyber troops congratulated the occupiers on the Independence Day of Ukraine

On August 24, the National Anthem of Ukraine was played in offices and shopping centers in Crimea, in the occupied territories of Donbas, and in some Russian cities. Hackers hacked video cameras with speakers and started recording. At the beginning, many people did not understand where the music was coming from, but when they understood what it was, people reacted differently.

Every Wagner executioner will be found

On September 19, the site of the "Wagner" PMC was hacked, the hackers left greetings for the murderers, and the data of the Wagnerites ended up in the hands of the Ukrainian special services. The website also posted shocking photos of the liquidated Wagnerites (which we obscured for ethical reasons).

the most famous cyberattacks on Russia - the IT army of Ukraine hacked the site of Wagner PVK

Hackers under the guise of girls lured the position data

In September, our armed forces were able to attack the base near Melitopol thanks to a group of hackers who met Russian soldiers online under the guise of attractive girls. In the correspondence, the "young ladies" asked the fighters to send their photos, and they were able to find out the location of the base based on the surrounding landscape. After that, the occupiers had a good time.

Zelenskyi spoke with Dagestanis

At the end of September, two large official web resources of Dagestan were hacked and Zelensky's video appeal to the native inhabitants of Russian territories with a call not to participate in someone else's war was posted. In general, he addressed all almost 200 nationalities whose lands were forcibly included in the Russian Federation. "No one should die in this war... We must fight now!"

The video shown on the sites was taken from the official YouTube channel of the President and was recorded for wide use in the mass media and on other platforms that can communicate with the addressees of the appeal. Unfortunately, after a couple of hours, the video disappeared from both sites. But it is distributed on other resources, and you can watch it now on the official channel of the President.

Mosoblenergo was broken - I went to see how the Crimean bridge was burning

September was full of funny cyber attacks. In addition to all of the above, our hackers also hacked the site of the Moscow Oblenergo, merged the employee database into free access and sent a "hello" in the form of a message that the employees of the structure, in connection with the increase in the range of work of the Ukrainian artillery, do not see the point of continuing their work and are going to see, as the Crimean bridge burns.

In addition, a banner with a burning Kremlin and Oleksiy Danilov (Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine) appeared on the website.

Mosoblenergo was hacked - Banner with the burning Kremlin on Mosoblenergo website

The dictator was congratulated on his last birthday

On Putin's anniversary, the Ukrainian IT forces gave him the best gift (after the Crimean bridge, of course). On October 7, the CSTO website was hacked, on which our hackers congratulated the dictator on his last birthday and wished him a comfortable journey to The Hague. This is how the site looked in the first hours after the hack.

cyberattacks 2022 - Ukrainian hackers hacked the CSTO website

We join the wishes of millions of Ukrainians and hope that they will come true as soon as possible.

The Ukrainian IT community showed itself from the best side, joining the fight not only with the help of cyber attacks, but also broke business ties with partners and customers from Russia. For example, after February 24, many Ukrainian web services blocked the client accounts of Russians , posted "congratulations" to the Russian warship on their sites and began collecting funds for the Armed Forces.

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