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ChatGPT-4 is available on Bing - How to use artificial intelligence for business for free



Recently, the OpenAI company introduced the updated ChatGPT-4, which is much "smarter" than its predecessor, knows how to operate images and better understands the context of what is written. Users joke that the sixth version of the chatbot will be written by the fifth, and the developers will go smoke bamboo.

It can be assumed that artificial intelligence will soon become a developed tool for work in many fields. Today we will talk about how you can use artificial intelligence for business, trade and promotion of your services and products.

What is ChatGPT-4 and how is it different from ChatGPT-3

The new version of artificial intelligence from OpenAI is based on the previous one, ChatGPT-3.5. The main difference of the new release is that now it is not only a language model - the bot has expanded its capabilities and improved basic skills.

  1. Has many more languages - 26 languages are currently available to users, in which the chatbot communicates with high accuracy.

  2. Works faster and processes more data.

  3. Can work with images and understand what is drawn on them.

  4. Understands the context better, makes mistakes less often and suffers from "hallucinations".

  5. Endowed with long-term memory and remembers the essence of the conversation with the user for a greater number of messages deep into the dialogue.

  6. ChatGPT-4 has different personalities that communicate with users in different styles depending on the requests.

Thanks to the updated AI, it can handle more tasks, giving better quality answers with less chance of error.

Bing's ChatGPT chatbot - how to use it and what prompt engineering is

ChatGPT-4 can be used for work in two ways - buy a paid subscription or through Bing. But the fact is that the offline version of the chatbot does not do much of what we will describe below in the article - for example, it does not generate images and does not provide links. Bing, which already works on the basis of ChstGPT-4, copes with this perfectly.

Everyone decides the issue of paid usage for himself. The service costs $20 per month, and it can be cost-effective for some, but expensive for a small startup. You can use the free version presented on, you can sign up for ChatGPT Plus, but in any case, we advise you to additionally try the chatbot built into Bing. It is different from the stand-alone product, behaves slightly differently and can perform more tasks.

Bing is a search engine from Microsoft that aims to overtake Google. That is why the company took on the development of artificial intelligence for the search engine. Accordingly, you need to use it in a Microsoft browser. But there is also a way to install Bing on other browsers as well, which we will consider further.

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How to access Bing through Microsoft Edge

If you use Microsoft Edge, it will be easier to join the army of Bing users and establish communication with the chatbot. To do this, you need to go to the aforementioned browser from Microsoft, log in to your account, and then go to the Bing search engine.

At the time of writing, the chatbot was only available for US residents, so we logged in via VPN and set our location to the US account. Perhaps later such "dances with tambourines" will no longer be needed. Also, for some reason, it is very important for the system that the date of birth is displayed. Otherwise, nothing will work.

how to use bing - creating a Microsoft account

So you've logged into your browser account and opened Bing. By clicking on the "Chat" button in the search engine, you will go to communicate with artificial intelligence. It has three modes — creative, balanced, and precise. Creative generates interesting answers, but sometimes makes up facts, so it needs to be checked better. Accurate, on the contrary, gives more verified information, but is far from generating creative ideas.

GPT chat bot in the Bing search engine

There's also a way to use Bing right in your browser. To do this, you need to take several steps.

How to install Bing search engine in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers

  1. Create a Microsoft account .

  2. Go to the Bing search engine .

  3. Install the Bing Chat extension for Firefox and Google Chrome in your browser.

  4. In the upper right corner, click on the extension icon, select Bing Chat, and click the Open Bing Chat button.

How to install Bing on your browser

Next, the system may ask you to sign in to your Microsoft account again and update your date of birth - follow its prompts. After that, you can start communicating with the AI — ask whatever you want.

But it is important not only to ask questions, but also to do it correctly. Perhaps you have already encountered the fact that artificial intelligence produces some abracadabra, while others write scientific papers on it. Prompt-engineering is a new term that entered our everyday life along with neural networks. This is the ability to correctly formulate requests and generally communicate with AI so that it understands the tasks.

For example, we decided to ask the chatbot how to choose VPS hosting for hosting the site. When we asked about "virtual server", he gave answers that refer to virtual hosting, which is a completely different service. Obviously, he focused more on the word "virtual". But when the abbreviation VPS appeared in the query, the AI gave a more accurate answer.

chat gpt will advise how to choose a VPS server

We will not tell you in detail how to learn how to create successful queries - on this topic you can find many materials on the Internet. The main thing to understand is that if ChatGPT does not produce what you want, it does not mean that it is unreliable. Try to formulate requests differently, give the AI more details and hints, analyze how it reacts. Learning prompt engineering is not difficult, but you need to make some effort.

How you can use Chat GPT-4 artificial intelligence for business and commerce

Let's go to the section that interests us from a practical point of view - how to use Chat GPT-4 for business and its more effective development.

Bing chatbot will help develop a business plan for a startup

There are already several high-profile stories about how a chatbot created a business plan, thanks to which the user earned hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. Indeed, AI can give very interesting ideas and specific advice - how to name a business, what state to form, what colors should be on the site.

So we decided to ask the bot in Bing, which business can be opened in Ukraine with small investments.

During testing, the chatbot offered to create a service that will print and deliver documents by courier, a copywriting agency, a business for reselling Chinese goods, a car wash, and a warehouse business. To confirm the relevance of the offers, Chat GPT inserts links with studies on the profitability of this or that business and generally gives enough useful information.

To get the most interesting answers, it is better to turn on the creative mode.

Use of artificial intelligence in market research

We gave AI the following request in creative mode: "I have a coffee shop in the Kyiv region. Tell me whether it will be profitable to expand it to a network of coffee shops in other cities of the Kyiv region. Tell me which cities are the best for this." Chat GPT quite logically suggested that Irpin, Bucha and Brovary are best suited for this purpose. However, chatbots traditionally "fudge" in details, so everything that artificial intelligence advises should always be checked. But the ideas for reflection are often quite good.

The chatbot's serious twin brother (exact mode) said he couldn't advise, but suggested reading the 2021 coffee market research article.

application of artificial intelligence to study the market and create a business plan

The GPT neural network will recommend a name and a successful domain for your business

ChatGPT 4 is good at naming — it can offer many different options for how to name a business and how to choose a domain for a site. Moreover, these can be difficult names — for example, you can ask to create a chatbot with palindrome domains.

gpt chat neural network for business name search and matching domain

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Use AI from OpenAI to generate images for promotional use on blogs and social networks

Quickly creating unique visuals without involving designers is what small businesses and startups dream about, because they have a limited budget. The good news is that Bing's chatbot can generate images. Admittedly, it's a far cry from Midjourney's text-based drawing neural network, but at least it's free.

gpt artificial intelligence creates images on demand

This is the image Bing generated for the query "happy man with dog near computer"

It generates backgrounds and images in the style of drawings well, but attempts to make something similar to a photo are already more difficult for it. However, creating visual content often requires unique images with neutral content to underline the text, so AI can help a lot here.

chat gpt online generates backgrounds

Such beautiful backgrounds in the style of technology will be useful for creating pictures with texts. By the way, the main images for this article were also generated by the Bing chatbot.

Application of artificial intelligence to create textual content

Writing posts on social networks, for email distribution, product descriptions, and on the main page of the site — all this can be done much faster together with artificial intelligence. You can not only set tasks for him, but also set the tone of the message. Of course, the texts need editing, but as a blank and material for inspiration - why not. This especially saves from the "blank sheet syndrome", which makes life difficult for copywriters and SMM-niks.

gpt neural network writes texts for advertising and social networks

ChatGPT 4 will write html templates for you for email distribution or landing pages

If you don't have the budget to hire developers, ChatGPT 4 can help you create an email template, a simple website, or a button or banner to insert into your site's code.

how to use chat gpt to write code

He knows how to write styles and individual blocks separately, and also gives an explanation of the code and tells where to insert it. True, for such work you need to have at least an approximate understanding of typesetting, but the basics are enough for this.

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Create a promotion strategy with a chatbot

How to raise the site in the search engine, attract more users to the business page on Facebook and Instagram, which videos will be popular on YouTube - all this can be asked from ChatGPT, and it will help to form a business promotion plan through various channels.

what is chatgpt-4 and how to use it to promote a site or page in a social network

There are other opportunities for using a chatbot depending on the industry, because its “talents” are constantly evolving, and users are constantly exploring AI while learning at the same time.


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