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In the era of information technologies, website development is available to everyone. To create your own projects, it is not at all necessary to study 5 years as a programmer. And even attend 2-month courses on website development. Today, all information is available online, in public access. Including in the blog about website development of the hosting company CityHost.

Is it difficult to create websites and learn the intricacies of website development?

It used to be something beyond fiction to create a website. Now this task is within the power of anyone - you only need to want to. Moreover, today there are 2 ways to learn how to create websites yourself. And everyone can choose the option that suits them.

The first way is to learn web programming and layout languages. There are enough books, courses, and online seminars on this topic on the Internet. And in open access, that is, all information is completely free. Some sources are paid, but the cost is quite acceptable.

Yes, it will take a lot of time and effort to learn web design. It will be necessary to understand the theory, then apply the acquired knowledge in practice, gain experience. But in the future, you will have a great opportunity to engage in website development at a professional level. In other words, make money creating sites for clients.

The second method is easier. It consists in getting acquainted with the basics of creating a site on a specific CMS. For example, on the now popular Wordpress. In this case, it is enough to understand simple things:

Here, too, there is enough information on the topic - for example, it is easy to find online site-building lessons dedicated to working with a specific CMS. And in any format: text or in the form of videos.

This option is more suitable for those who want to create a website for themselves. In terms of time, it is much faster than it takes to learn programming languages. And it will take less effort. Having figured it out, you can make a blog or a small online store, and then get some income from advertising or selling products.

Main wish!

It is very easy to create a website yourself. Yes, in addition to this, you will have to understand other nuances. For example, how to choose a reliable website hosting, how to make backups, how to protect the site from viruses. But you can find all this information on our CityHost blog, studying useful articles on site building.