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blog 488 How is a VPN different from a proxy server?

A VPN and a proxy server have similar purposes, but they differ in many ways. What is the difference and which service do you need?

blog 466 The main site loading speed metrics: TTFB, FCP, LCP and others

When analyzing the speed of the site, the services show a number of download parameters. Let's figure out what they mean and how to improve them.

blog 450 The history of the development of digital media — from punch cards to cloud storage

Information carriers have come a long way from punch cards to modern solid-state drives and cloud storage. Learn their story.

blog 417 How hosting affects the ranking and promotion of the site

Does hosting affect site promotion? We know the answer! And they also prepared an overview of services to determine the site loading speed.

blog 483 Server health monitoring, backup and data security - what hosting customers need to know

What do you need to know if you rent a server? Read tips from our technical support on proper server operation.

blog 462 How do data centers work "without electricity" and in conditions of constant shelling of the energy system of Ukraine

The stable operation of our services depends on the power supply of the equipment in the data centers. We learned how DCs solve the problem of turning off the light.

blog 420 What is site traffic, how to find it and why to monitor it

What is site traffic and how to see the load on your hosting? Read the article to find out when it's time to switch to a new tariff.

blog 390 Caching services for sites: Memcached, OPCache, Redis

Today we will tell you about three modern caching services and principles of operation Memcached, OPCache and Redis.

blog 479 Domain DNS record types: NS, A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, ALIAS, SRV

When working with domains, you sometimes have to interact with such a concept as DNS records. We tell you why they are needed and how to create them.

blog 456 Drives on the server — HDD or SSD, NVMe or SATA? What do these terms mean and which one to choose when renting a server

When choosing a server for rent, the client can get confused - what does HDD, SSD and other names mean? We talk about the main types of information storage.

blog 418 What is SSH and the main ways to work with it: Web SSH, Midnight Commander, PuTTy, terminal

We explore the possibilities of the SSH protocol and various methods of connection - Web SSH, PuTTY, terminals of operating systems.

blog 389 Overview of control panels on VPS

Overview of the three control panels that are installed on VPS servers: ISPmanager, VestaCP and HestiaCP.