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When any commercial company starts its work, it immediately faces the need to properly organize a huge number of documents. Accounting plays an important part in this process. And if earlier it was necessary to spend a lot of time and effort to manage it, then later everything became significantly easier thanks to modern IT tools, without which no business can do today.

Recently, the so-called VDS servers are becoming more and more popular, which help reduce business costs, increase the level of company data security, and most importantly, make the work of the department more efficient. The customer receives full administration rights, so he can always make changes to parameters and access information. Why should you pay attention to VDS and what should it be?

Advantages of renting a virtual server for accounting

The advantages of such a decision are difficult to overestimate. Thanks to it, you will really not only save money, but also significantly increase the security and reliability of data storage, as well as make the work of colleagues more convenient. Now about everything in order:

  • VPS-VDS opens the possibility of transferring the necessary information from a computer to a virtual machine. As a result, the infrastructure becomes more fault-tolerant and organized, and administration is significantly simplified. Any equipment is suitable for connecting to the accounting program on the virtual server: computers, tablets, smartphones.

  • Since the server is rented, you will not need to regularly purchase and upgrade IT infrastructure. The company owner will no longer have to think about buying new equipment, paying for the electricity consumed by the physical server. Costs for the staff of the IT department, which is engaged in equipment maintenance, are reduced.

  • You can install one license package of programs on VDS and provide remote access from employees' computers. Agree, it is much more profitable and convenient than buying and installing programs separately for each computer.

  • During the rental period, you become the owner of the server, which functions continuously 24 hours a day. This means your accounting software will also run smoothly.

  • Restoring or transferring the system takes a minimum of time. A virtual server is a "container" where data is stored. It can be transferred, copied, deployed on one or another physical equipment. It becomes possible to perform regular backups, and in the event of a software failure, restoring the server will take a minimum of time. Information will not be lost.

  • VDS is more reliable compared to work computers because it is maintained by professional technicians. Owners of small companies do not always have the opportunity to fully ensure the uninterrupted operation of the IT infrastructure, because for this it is necessary to hire qualified specialists, which significantly increases costs. If you rent a virtual server, the data will be stored in the data center and processed on powerful equipment. Administrators monitor the operation of the servers and promptly resolve problems if they arise.

  • Correct collaboration in the presence of remote employees in the company or network of branches. Users will definitely not have any difficulties with joint connection to databases and compilation of report documentation. There is an opportunity to create a shared workspace with delimitation of access rights. As a result, business processes become more efficient.

From the above, it becomes clear how profitable and win-win the solution is to rent VDS for accounting.

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What online accounting services are used in Ukraine

Until February 24, 2022, the vast majority of companies used the Russian service for accountants called 1C. However, on the very first day of the war, Ukrainian accountants faced the following problem: the license of the service "flew away". A month later, users who used the Russian program began to receive letters - they talked about future sanctions. Therefore, if you continue to work with 1C or other Russian programs, you should stop doing it as soon as possible for at least several reasons:

  1. Without regular software updates, you cannot count on the correct operation of some tools.

  2. If the program suddenly stops functioning, many internal processes of the company will simply stop.

  3. Analytical information can be deleted, you will have to restore it manually.

  4. The possibility of internal information being leaked and obtained by the Russians.

  5. Financing the economy of the occupiers.

Recently, more and more Ukrainian specialists are switching to accounting programs developed by our IT specialists. It is time to highlight the most popular among them.

MASTER: Accounting

online service for accounting in Ukraine Master: Accounting

The program for full maintenance and automation of various types of accounts. It can be used by both state institutions and private companies. It is worth noting the presence of modules for accounting of production works, machines, products, medicines, agricultural industry, etc. It is also possible to use the built-in Signy electronic document management service, which eliminates the need to use third-party systems.


Internet services for accounting - ISpro

This software allows you to keep records and manage companies. It is a flexible design system in which the customer has the opportunity to choose the necessary modules and automate specific work processes. ISpro is suitable for accounting and tax accounting, purchasing and sales management, settlement with partners, financial planning and analysis. This service can be integrated with the MEDoc reporting application.


programs for accounting - Dilovod

Another popular Ukrainian service for keeping records and submitting reports. It is ideal for FOPs with and without employees, online stores, manufacturing companies and many others. It is possible to keep various types of records (orders, sales, purchases, production costs, and others). It is worth emphasizing the availability of software PPO, CRM system. Printing of checks and other documents is available, as well as the possibility of using one database to run several businesses.

Debit Plus

programs for accounting - Debit Plus

A program for automating accounting and financial reporting. It is actively used by utility companies, budget organizations, educational departments, trade, construction companies and many others. But this program is most common in healthcare institutions. The possibility of automatic accrual and payment of salary and bonuses is provided. By the way, the program has the function of working on computers with different OS.


selection of vds and programs for accounting - SMARTFIN

A program with all the necessary accounting tools. With its help, you can calculate and pay wages, calculate sick leave, vacation, compensation, taxes, create personnel documents and much more.

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How to choose a virtual server for accounting

Choosing VDS for accounting is definitely not a decision that should be made in a hurry. Otherwise, you can spend extra money and rent a server whose power and features exceed your needs. There is also a possibility of renting a server that is too weak - then you will face problems in work. That is why it is worth knowing what to pay attention to when choosing. We will avoid the general obvious recommendations related to good uptime and 24/7 professional support and focus more on the technical characteristics. The following components deserve special attention:

  • Processor. Responsible for overall server performance. The optimal frequency figure is around 3000 MHz, while the number of cores depends on the number of users simultaneously working with the VPS. If there are up to 10, you can choose 2-4 cores. If more than 10, it is better to look at the tariffs for 6+ cores.

  • RAM. RAM accelerates the process of interaction between the processor and the drive, which ultimately leads to an increase in the performance of the equipment in general. About 1 GB of RAM is required for each user who works with the program.

  • Accumulator. Determines the speed of information processing and is the main place of its storage. The ideal option is to use an SSD. The number of GB depends on the amount of your data.

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When choosing VPS hosting, be sure to also consider peak loads, which can be 20-30% higher than normal.

VDS for accounting makes the work of the accounting department more efficient, significantly increases the security and reliability of data storage, simplifies obtaining access to information, and also allows considerable savings.

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