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The Weirdest Computer Games of All Time




Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, FIFA, The Last of Us – are some of the most famous computer games with carefully crafted worlds, interesting plot twists, and amazing graphics. In such projects, there are whimsical aspects, but they make up a smaller part of the plot and fit within the bounds of "normalcy". It's a different story with our selection of the weirdest computer games of all time: from a goat that ruins everyone's life to walks on a floor made of human mouths and a ceiling made of eyes. Each video game throws all logic out the window, and some of them are capable of significantly tickling your nerves.

In the article, we talk about amazing computer games with elements of horror, blood, and violence, so the material is not recommended for viewing by overly sensitive people. The exception may be the first video games, as the TOP is based on cruelty: first come the soft projects, mostly even funny ones, and only then the more brutal ones.

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Nothing – don't even try to do anything

Nothing – computer game with idleness

To play modern computer games, even quite strange ones, the player needs a lot of energy. If projects with a complex plot tire you, we recommend a video game as simple as possible. Go to Steam right now and play Nothing for free.

Review of the computer game Nothing on Steam

What do you need to do? Nothing, absolutely nothing! Just enjoy this stylish gray screen while the timer is running. Just remember: any action will lead to failure, and all your efforts in idleness will be in vain!

Goat Simulator – a computer game about a crazy goat

Goat Simulator – a computer game for controlling a super goat

An invincible super-powerful goat that first terrorizes its native village and then a huge city. The main goal is to ruin people's lives, disrupting their plans and destroying everything in its path. You even earn points for destruction, which you can then spend on stylish clothes: a goat in a pink dress and high heels is an unforgettable sight.

With each version, the open world becomes more impressive, but the broken physics remains unchanged. As the developers of the game "Goat Simulator" themselves note, they only fix critical errors, leaving strange moments. For example, you can grab an unfortunate passerby with your stretched goat tongue, or knock someone over by activating butt sliding. And special attention should be paid to high jumps: the goat performs breathtaking acrobatic stunts in the flight phase, breaks apart during a hard landing, and then calmly gets up and continues on its way as if nothing happened.

I Am Bread – a simulator of a skilled bread ninja

I Am Bread – a computer game for controlling a piece of bread

Looking for simpler, more humorous video games? Then we recommend the simulator "I Am Bread", where you will have to go through a difficult path to turn from a small, unwanted slice of bread into a beautiful, well-toasted toast. But you need to be careful, as every touch to certain objects reduces your chances of becoming a perfect toast. And to successfully navigate this difficult path, considering the bagel races, you will be helped by ninja skills, teleports, mini-guns, accelerators, and other superpowers!

The Graveyard – take your grandmother to the cemetery

The Graveyard – the strangest and shortest game about a grandmother

The Graveyard is not just one of the most amazing computer games, but also one of the shortest. You play as an elderly woman who needs to visit the cemetery: you sit on a bench, turn on the music, and enjoy. But the developers went even further and released a full version where the grandmother can die at any moment, which is very upsetting because you have come such a long way!

The Closing Shift – a specific Japanese horror from Chilla's Art

The Closing Shift – a funny and creepy Japanese game from Chilla's Art

Retro style, frequent glitches, a gloomy atmosphere, and amazing characters are key aspects that make Chilla's Art studio one of the most famous developers of computer games in the horror genre. The Closing Shift is no exception – a Japanese horror game about a barista girl.

At first glance, the project seems like a classic simulator with a somewhat unusual atmosphere. However, gradually more and more strange customers appear, which, along with creepy music, frightening dialogues, bleeding, and other similar moments, allows you to fully immerse yourself in Japanese horror. It is this specific horror that develops nervousness so strongly that by the end of the game, every sound is frightening, and closing the café causes panic fear.

Amanda The Adventure – save the unfortunate sheep

Amanda The Adventure – a horror game about a little girl and a sheep

The story begins with Riley Park arriving at the house left to her by aunt Kate. In the attic, the girl finds a stack of cassettes with cartoons from the early 2000s. This is how Riley learns the story of two best friends: little girl Amanda and shy sheep Woolly.

Amanda The Adventure is one of the strangest computer games

What's so amazing about it? The "friendship" itself raises alarm, as Amanda is actually cruelly tormenting Woolly. Each cartoon tape reveals a disturbing story to the player, while the cheerful facade of seemingly cute children's entertainment remains intact. The most frightening moment awaits you at the end of this strange computer game, as instead of Woolly, you will see...

SCORN – a strange computer game with incredible visuals

SCORN is a strange computer game with impressive locations

You play in first person as a character who needs to find a way out of an unknown world with eerie architectural masterpieces and bizarre creatures. This video game lacks a truly engaging plot and interesting action, but it has a fantastic visual, a sense of every part of the body and movement, bizarre creatures, the need to dig into the entrails of your victims. And strange puzzles and a psychologically heavy atmosphere make SCORN truly one of the strangest computer games of all time.

Review of the computer game SCORN on Steam

Review of the computer game SCORN on Steam. Most players are delighted with the locations, atmosphere, music, but are disappointed with the monotonous gameplay.

Catherine – an amazing combination of a dating simulator and horror

Catherine is one of the strangest romantic computer games

Catherine is simultaneously a dating simulator and a puzzle game. The protagonist Vincent has a girlfriend who wants to marry him quickly, which leads to constant quarrels between them. At the same time, Vincent starts a romance with the charming Rin, who takes a simpler approach to relationships, not demanding anything from the hero. During the day, you will have to be part of this melodrama.

One of the highlights of the computer game Catherine

However, the most interesting things happen at night when Vincent goes to sleep and dreams of turning into a sheep-man. To survive until the next day, he must endure these horrors, completing insane trials, such as quickly climbing a tower, avoiding various traps, and repulsive creatures. Such a combination of a calm romantic simulator with horror is quite strange, but at the same time, an interesting solution.

LSD: Dream Emulator – modern art from a first-person perspective

LSD Dream Emulator – an exciting hallucinogenic computer game

One of the most amazing computer games was created by Japanese artist Osamu Sato, who in 1998 wanted to show people true modern art. At that time, no one appreciated Osamu Sato's idea, but in 2010, the project attracted the attention of a young audience, which was explained by the increasing demand for hallucinogenic and experimental games.

The concept of "LSD: Dream Emulator" is based on a dream journal: the player accidentally finds himself in a surreal 3D environment that he needs to explore, finding a certain object or walking through a tunnel. With each level, access to more surreal and psychedelic locations opens up. And you play from a first-person perspective, with Osamu Sato's own tracks playing in the background, making the game even more interesting.

The Binding of Isaac – an amazing action game with a complex plot

The Binding of Isaac – a computer game with a terrible plot

The game is about Isaac, whose mother heard the voice of God and decided to prove her faith by sacrificing the child. Isaac managed to hide in the basement, but there he encountered an incredible number of crazy monsters, including his brothers and sisters, and later his fanatically believing mother.

The Binding of Isaac is not just one of the most amazing computer games of all time, it's pure madness. You will have to play a randomly generated action game with more than 50 types of enemies and 20 bosses, each of which has the ability to become "special", meaning they take on a bizarre appearance. You will also have to change shape frequently, as the developers have created over 100 unique items for this purpose. And to top it all off, this interesting gameplay is accompanied by periodic inserts with a full, truly psychologically heavy, story of Isaac.

Harvester – one of the most hardcore adventure games

Harvester is not just a strange, but an incredibly cruel computer game

The main character is an 18-year-old guy who wakes up one day with amnesia and soon learns that it is 1953. A girl named Steve Stefani also suffers from amnesia, and the only way to find out what's going on is to join the Lodge. But before joining the secret order, you will have to deal with the mysteries of the town, considering its harsh and perverted inhabitants.

Harvester, one of the strangest computer games, was developed back in 1996 and later re-released in digital form. This point-and-click adventure game features many grotesque, bloody, and eccentric locations. And the main highlight is the town's residents which personify the most unpleasant vices of people: Steve's brother, a fan of a disgustingly violent cowboy TV show; Stephanie's father, obsessed with red meat; neighbors who are fixated on corrupting minors…

You probably thought that such a game would be banned immediately? No! Harvester can still be purchased on Steam, and for just a few dollars!

Screaming Mad George’s ParanoiaScape – an unusual version of pinball

ParanoiaScape is a creepy computer version of pinball

ParanoiaScape is a unique take on pinball. The action takes place in hell, where the floor is covered in flesh and random organs, and the ceiling is made of eyeballs. To navigate the ball through obstacles, including various crazy creatures, you need to learn to skillfully control the bones. The video game is developed from a first-person perspective, which makes the strange environment created by the developer even more psychologically challenging. While some players quickly adapted to such an atmosphere, even finding something fun in it, and enjoyed the game.

Reviews of the strange computer game ParanoiaScape on Reddit

Reviews for the computer game ParanoiaScape on Reddit

In our list of the most amazing computer games of all time, we have gathered the most diverse projects: some are created to entertain the player, others to scare, and some to draw attention to current issues. They give us the opportunity to step away from classic "normal" games, experience new emotions, reflect on important things, and sometimes even change our worldview. Whether to play them or not is up to each individual, but they definitely deserve attention!

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