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How the age of the site affects the promotion in Google


It takes time to index and promote a site in a search engine. It can take several years from the initial crawl of the site pages to the formation of Google's trust and getting to the first page of the search results. But knowing all the nuances of the activity of search robots, you can form a promotion strategy so that the web resource gets a chance to get into the TOP and move towards the goal with optimal speed.

The main task of the existence of any web resource is to attract new customers, increase orders and visitor traffic. Each option is directly or indirectly related to obtaining a future financial benefit. Therefore, everyone wants to occupy the highest places in the Google results, because this source of finding potential customers is the most effective and brings the maximum income. But the resource is not immediately indexed by the search engine and does not quickly appear in the TOP of the search results, even if the developers and SEO specialists make maximum efforts to promote it.

How quickly the site is indexed after publication

Placing pages on hosting will not lead to their immediate appearance in search results. To do this, a four-step process must be completed.

  1. Detection

In order for a new web page to appear in search, bots must first find it. At this stage, you should do your best to help the search engine index the page as quickly as possible. For this, you can use the following methods:

  • add a URL in the search console;

  • add a sitemap file that tells the search engine which pages to index;

  • write about updates in social networks;

  • place active links to the resource on authoritative sources.

The first method is one of the most effective, because you actually "poke" the search engine directly into your site, instead of waiting for it to find it on its own. You need to go to the appropriate page of Google Search Console, enter your URL and take all the steps to integrate the site into your working account on the service. Nevertheless, it is worth using each of these methods.

Google Search Console

Search bots practically "live" on the pages of web resources in which they have developed trust. This allows them to quickly receive actual data from the network.

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  1. Scanning

After the bot enters the resource, it starts viewing all pages available for indexing. This stage is most affected by the quality of project development. If it was created with all SEO requirements in mind, the searchbot will be able to find all the pages and prepare them for the next step.

  1. Processing

After receiving data from search spiders, Google must process them and prepare them for future display in search results. Unfortunately, it is impossible to influence the speed of completion of this stage.

  1. Indexing

When the processing of the received information is completed, Google adds it to its database, from which output pages with answers to requests are built.

Knowing how the site is indexed, it is worth remembering that the time taken for the above steps is individual for each individual case. Usually, the older the portal, the faster its new pages are indexed. A new site is indexed by Google in about a week, new pages of an existing site that Google trusts can be indexed in a few hours.

Does the age of the domain affect the promotion of the site

It is safe to say that the age of the domain is one of the important indicators that affect the promotion of the site. Google prefers projects that have been online for a long time. This is a kind of guarantee that the owner of the site treats it responsibly, invests enough effort and money in creating relevant and high-quality content.

The older the site and the domain on which it is hosted, the higher are its chances to quickly appear in the TOP of the results.

The influence of the domain name and domain zone on the speed of promotion

It is worth noting that the very writing of the domain name in no way affects the trust of the site in the eyes of the search engine. Robots do not favor addresses with keywords or any other characteristics.

Likewise, it does not matter in which zone the address is registered.

You can choose:

The name of the domain and the zone in which it functions is an image and marketing component that affects the popularization of the project among users. The main things here are the quality of site development, content and a correctly chosen advertising strategy — without using "gray" and "black" SEO methods.

But at the same time, the domain name indirectly affects the speed of promotion due to the behavioral factors of users. If the site name is based on a simple and logical word, successfully combined with the domain zone, visitors will visit the site more often, will be able to enter its name in the search bar from memory, and pass it on to friends.

In this way, a kind of community is created, which demonstrates to the searcher the high quality of the portal and the fact that it should also be recommended to other people, showing it in the best search positions.

So, we can conclude that from a technical point of view, all addresses are the same for the search engine. But in terms of promotion through marketing and user behavior, the impact is there.

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How to determine the age of someone else's site

When building a strategy for promoting one's own project, it is often necessary to study the sites of competitors. You can find out the age of the site by the date of domain registration — this is the main indicator that can be easily checked in the public domain.

For this, there is a free Whois service that shows information about the entered domain address (your own or someone else's). For the most part, you can hide data about the owner of the domain name, but the domain registration date is always open for public access. In fact, this is the age of the site, which is necessary to assess the possibilities of bypassing the competitor. If your resource is much younger, the chances of appearing in the best places of search results for medium-frequency and high-frequency queries decrease.

Cityhost in the Whois service

For example, the age of the domain is quite solid, it was registered in 2009.

How long does it take to promote the site to the top positions

The first three positions of the search results are the most profitable. They account for more than 50% of all transitions. Everyone wants to occupy them. However, if the project is quite young, it is almost impossible to achieve this.

Google algorithms mostly do not miss new resources in the TOP for high-frequency and medium-frequency queries. They filter them and drop them down the rating. For such projects, it remains possible to break into the TOP only for low-frequency requests that bring a very small number of transitions.

After about a year, it becomes much easier to advance to the top places, since a certain authority in the search engine already begins to be gained. But this term is conditional and refers only to those sites that are constantly updated and supplemented with new information.

Summing up, we can say that it is not easy to reach the top positions in search results, but it is possible. For this, you will have to be patient, because promotion to the TOP requires time and constant work. It is necessary to regularly carry out measures to increase the visibility of the site by purchasing advertising, spreading announcements in social networks and accumulating a base of regular visitors. This will significantly save time on the way to the first delivery position.

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