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Registration 997.00
Renewal 997.00
Transfer 775.00
Recovery 5387.00
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Registration time Instant
Maximum registration period 10 years
Minimum number of characters in name 3

.INFO is an international top-level domain, one of the most popular domains in the world. .INFO is a sound domain for most languages because it is easy to remember. The popularity of the domain was added by the fact that from the moment of delegation there were no restrictions on its registration, although the domain was originally intended for information resources.

Today, the .INFO domain can be registered, purchased and extended by all interested commercial structures and private individuals. This has led to the fact that finding an unoccupied domain in this zone has become a difficult task.

.INFO allows registration only with the use of Latin alphabet characters. International characters, in particular, Cyrillic, are not supported.

All you need to do is check the availability of a free domain name in this domain zone and register it. Our one-click domain purchase and registration procedure is as simple as possible and takes place instantly.

Who is .INFO for?

If the status, recognition and sonority of your domain name are important to you, the .INFO domain is for you. Some information resources rightly consider this domain as an alternative to the world's most popular .COM domain.

When creating the .INFO domain zone, it was assumed that the domain would be used mainly by companies or private individuals engaged in the creation and development of information resources, as well as working in the field of communications, but users from various sectors of the economy also liked this domain. Today, it is considered that .INFO is perfectly suitable for the site of any company, as well as an individual, of various topics and areas of activity, without geographical attachment. Free registration without restrictions and relatively low cost of purchase and extension of registration added to this domain zone even more popularity.

All actions with the domain are fully automated and are carried out through domain name registrars, which include CityHost . After making sure that the desired domain name is free, hurry to register it, because the competition in this international domain area is one of the biggest.

This domain will suit you if your goal is:

  • register a domain name in one of the most famous and popular international domain zones,

  • create a site with a sound name and attract attention to it,

  • get priority in search results.

A bit of history .INFO

The .INFO domain was delegated relatively recently, in January 2001. The domain name comes from the English word "information". Initially, it was assumed that the domain would be intended for organizations working in the field of information and communication technologies: newspapers, blogs, magazines, information portals and other types of information resources. Restrictions on domain registration in this domain zone have never been introduced. This led to the fact that a relatively new domain entered the TOP-10 most popular domains in the world.

The administrator of the domain zone is Afilias.

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 Advantages of registering info with the Registrar CityHost

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Market analysis

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What to keep in mind when choosing a domain!

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Website Builder

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Unique name

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E-mail address

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