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An important question when creating a web resource is how to place the site on the Internet and how much it costs. Our today's article is intended for people who are just taking the first steps in working with the services of hosting providers: beginner webmasters, small entrepreneurs or just those who are interested in creating and publishing a site on their own.

We will create a price list for services based on tariffs. Let's calculate the cost of the main services for hosting the site - hosting, domain and SSL.

For other providers, the amounts may differ, but not significantly, because the cost of standard services from different companies is approximately the same.

We will not touch on the topic of the cost of website development - it can be done in many different ways and at different prices. A website can be created for free using a CMS or a site builder , which is offered on the hosting accounts of many providers, including Cityhost.

Therefore, let's start the calculations, bearing in mind that you already have a site or you can develop it yourself without investing significant funds.

How much is a domain for a site

A domain is a unique site address that the client issues with a domain name provider or registrar and uses to host the site. You can often hear the phrase — buy a domain . In fact, it is rather a rent, which is paid for at least one year of using the address. If you do not renew the service on time, the domain will become freely available after a certain period of time and anyone can buy it.

The cost of a domain per year can range from 49 hryvnias for to several thousand for premium domains . But we will not consider the latter, because such a service is very rarely used by those who put their first site on the Internet. Let's talk about the budget sector that is most suitable for this purpose. Prices are current for 2022, when this article was written.

One of the most popular .com domains currently costs UAH 499 for registration (on the promotion) and UAH 599 for renewal after one year. You can choose a similar, but cheaper option for 339 hryvnias — (399 for the next extension).

One option to save money is to choose a promotional domain. But it is worth knowing that the savings apply only for the first year, then you will have to pay the full price. For example, now you can take a rather interesting .pro domain for only 299 hryvnias. Its full price is 849 hryvnias. 550 hryvnia savings on website publication - what do you think?

In the same way, you can take other interesting domains on sale - .info, .net, .org,, etc.

In order for users to immediately see the direction of the business, you can choose a thematic domain. They are a little more expensive, but worth the money invested in them. In addition, there are more free addresses in these zones. Such addresses cost from 329 hryvnias to several thousand, you can find a good option in the range of up to 1000 hryvnias.

Do not forget about Ukrainian domains for regions, which are quite inexpensive - on average less than 300 hryvnias. Such an address will be especially successful if the site deals with local topics - for example, it is a gym in a certain city or a web resource dedicated to attractions in the region.

Domains at

Popular domains in Cityhost

You can save even more by getting a free domain for a year in a bundle offer. For this, the hosting tariffs specify amounts for which you can get a free domain — from 250 to 1,000 hryvnias. The larger the package, the higher this amount. But here too, it is worth noting that the domain will be paid from the second year.

In any case, we advise you to take domain and hosting from the same company - it is much easier from the technical side and in terms of service.

As a result, we have the cost of the domain for the site (the first year of use): from 0 to 1000 UAH/year.

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What is website hosting and how to choose it

In order for the web resource to be seen by users, you need to buy hosting and place the site files on it. Hosting is a service for providing the client with part of the disk space and power of a server permanently connected to the Internet. The website visitor sends a request from the browser to the server, which generates and sends the desired pages to the user.

For a simple website, blog or online store, the lowest Apartment hosting tariff with 10 GB disk space and available 5% server load is sufficient. The cost is UAH 1,015.20/year.

The most expensive hosting with a fixed amount of disk space is Penthouse, which offers 60 GB and up to 15% server capacity. It costs UAH 2,687.04/year.

There is another interesting offer — unlimited tariffs. They have limits on the number of inodes (objects on the disk), PHP memory_limit and server load percentages. There are no restrictions on the amount of disk space that can be used. Such tariffs cost from UAH 1,250.24 to UAH 6,333.39 per year and may be acceptable if you plan to host a site with large files — videos, images, etc.

Large hosting tariffs are commensurate with a small virtual server , so their power is enough even for quite serious projects.

We advise you to immediately take a package for 1 or 2 years - this way you can save up to 42% of the cost of hosting.

How to choose a hosting tariff? For the first simple site, the smallest Apartment package is usually sufficient.

Do not be afraid that the initial hosting may not be enough. When the resource will gain popularity, the traffic, number of files and pages will increase, you can switch to a wider tariff. It is quite easy to understand the consumption of resources - in the hosting control panel there is a "Resources" tab, which has several different graphs and charts showing the load status. When the CPU, RAM and disk space are used at 80%, it's time to increase the power. Don't wait until the number is more than 90% - this is an average, and in case of peak loads the site may simply stop responding.

Hosting monitoring

In addition, Cityhost has another package offer - a month of free hosting with the purchase of any domain. It also allows you to save money.

To summarize: website hosting will cost from UAH 1,015.20 to UAH 6,333.39. for a year.

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SSL security certificate: paid or free

Every hosting plan comes with a free security certificate that can be installed from the account control panel. What is it needed for? SSL ensures the transmission of data through encrypted channels, thanks to which fraudsters cannot intercept personal data of customers - logins, passwords, card data. Now this certificate is important for promotion in the search, because Google evaluates the sites that have it higher. In addition, customers trust sites with security more. Such an SSL is quite sufficient for a business card, blog, entertainment site or any other that does not require entering financial data.

If you are running an online store, you should buy an SSL certificate . The simplest one is with domain verification, in which you only need to go through e-mail validation and confirm the right to the domain. More serious options — with company verification and advanced verification, are available only for legal entities and require documentary proof of company registration. There are also certificates that protect not only the domain itself, but also all its subdomains.

In addition to the fact that having such an SSL creates more trust, it is also an insurance against the theft of funds during a transaction. If this happens, the company issuing the certificate will compensate for damages (up to a certain amount specified in the tariff), except in cases where the theft occurred due to the leakage of personal data due to the client's fault - for example, the buyer gave the login and password of his account to third parties.

The cheapest certificate we provide costs UAH 398.98/year, the most expensive — UAH 12,236/year.

Let's summarize. Since we are talking about a start-up business, the simplest certificate for one domain for UAH 398.98/year will be enough.

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Final count

We have considered all the services needed to launch a website. Now let's calculate everything to understand how much money should be invested in its publication.

Option #1: business card site, landing page, small blog

For a site of this format, it is enough to take the Apartment hosting tariff for UAH 1015.20/year. For it, you can choose a free domain worth up to 250 hryvnias. These are, and other Ukrainian domains. If you want to have an address in a certain zone, which is more expensive than 250 hryvnias, then you need to take into account the cost of the domain.

A free certificate is enough for such a site, so this cost column will remain empty.

Summary: UAH 1,015.20 for the first year with a free domain, from UAH 1,300 to UAH 2,000 with a paid domain (considering that many available addresses are in the range of up to UAH 1,000).

Option #2: online store

It may require a higher hosting rate, especially if you plan to list many items at once. For this, we can recommend Apartment+ for UAH 1,432.08/year or Loft for UAH 2,138.40/year. The amount for which you can choose a free domain for these tariffs is up to 350 or 450 hryvnias, respectively. Here, the range of choices is greater, so there is a high probability that you will not have to pay for the first year of using the address. If you choose a paid domain, then most likely its cost will be from 500 to 1000 hryvnias.

Conclusion: it will cost from 1,400 to 3,150 hryvnias to bring a simple online store to the Internet.


We have calculated the price options that, in our opinion, are most suitable for beginners. Of course, there is a much wider range of versions, and it all depends on your request. You can take the cheapest hosting for just one month and pay 141 hryvnias to see how things will go. Or maybe you plan to load a heavy site, and you need to look at advanced hosting rates, or even take VDS or a dedicated server - then the amount will be much higher. In addition, we calculated the budget cost of domains, and you may prefer a more expensive offer.

This article will help you roughly navigate the financial component of website publishing and decide which path to choose and how to create the package of services you need.

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