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Anchored and non-anchored links are a tool for promoting Internet sites. With the help of their installation in a certain ratio of anchor and non-anchor links (using internal and external linking), you can significantly increase the link mass , improve the site's position in search engines, make it user-friendly and more popular.

Differences between anchored and non-anchored links

To begin with, let's understand what a link is in general. Any link includes:

  1. URL - the address of the page where a person or a robot gets after following a link.
  2. Anchor - the text that is displayed to the user. It is essentially a link. If you click on it, you will go to the site page.

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Now let's get down to the specifics:

The link of the anchor type includes two parts: the text that is displayed and correlates with the topic of the page (site) to which the transition will be made, and the domain (URL address of this site). At the same time, a person sees only the text itself, which is essentially a link.

Most often, the anchor text is a keyword that is organically embedded in the text around the link. Before following this link, the user clearly imagines why he needs it, since the information he needs is displayed in the text surrounding the link.

An unanchored link is a type of hyperlink whose anchor part does not explain what is on the landing page. An unanchored link can be displayed in two versions:

  • in the form of a link page address (URL);
  • with neutral anchor words ("more", "for example", "here", "watch here", etc.).

Unanchored links in the form of the page's email address look organic, are analyzed by search engines as natural, but do not provide an opportunity to find out what information is located on the page where the link leads. Clarity in this matter will help to introduce the content of the text that is located near the link. Such links are actively used in various blogs, forums, and social networks (by regular users).

In addition to neutral words, brand names, the URL of the main page of the site to which the transition will be made, low-frequency queries, image links (alt tag prescribed for an image, search engines do not identify as text) can be used for unanchored links in external optimization.

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How sites are promoted using unanchored links

The presence of links to the site is one of the indicators that affects the ranking of the site in the search engine. At the same time, the position is affected not only by the number of links, but also by their appearance: they are anchored or unanchored. If search engines believe that one resource has too many anchor links (defined as buyable), it can lose significantly in the rankings. Based on this, a logical conclusion is suggested that it is safer and more profitable to use anchorless links. Search engines consider such links more real. This is especially relevant for climbing to the top of newbie sites.

In order to maximally accelerate the process of promoting any site with the help of unanchored links, the following aspects should also be taken into account:

  • the topic of the donor site should be related to the topic of the resource being promoted;
  • the hyperlink should be placed in a material that is close in context (for greater naturalness);
  • the location of the link should look attractive in the text and encourage the user to click on it.

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Anchorless and anchored links

Ways of placing links without anchors

Links are placed manually on various Internet resources (guest posts, forums, catalogs, blogs, comments, etc.). This type of accommodation is classified as free. Links should not be placed in large numbers on one resource. The text in the context of which links are placed should have a high percentage of uniqueness.

To get paid links, you can contact specialists or use link exchanges. The advantage of buying links through exchanges is that the links will most likely not be removed after some time. The exchange through which the purchase is made is responsible for this.

Both types of links are a necessary tool that allows you to increase the site's position in search engine results, which means the number of visitors to the resource. Anchorless links look natural to search engines. The key to successful promotion is the correct distribution of the ratio between anchor and non-anchor links and placing them on thematic sites with a good rating.

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