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When starting work on external optimization , you need to decide on a link promotion strategy. How to advance - eternal or temporary? To understand this, you need to know their distinctive features. What we will consider in this publication.

Temporary links

Temporary links are placed for a certain time. Usually - for a month. They are also called rental, because the buyer "rents" a page of the site to place links.

Their main plus is cheapness. Buying temporary links does not require a large budget, because they have a low cost. However, this is where their advantages end.

But there are many disadvantages here:

  1. Temporary links have to be paid monthly. And this is a permanent expense item in the budget.
  2. Temporary links should be monitored. At least one person should monitor the purchased links and renew them in a timely manner.
  3. You can catch a filter for temporary links. If you forget to renew the lease of links or stop using them, they will simply disappear. And for search engines, this is a signal about the unnaturalness of the link profile, for which they can impose a filter. For them, even flickering (when links disappear, and after payment - appear) is also a good reason to lower the site's position.

Temporary and permanent links

Eternal links

Perpetual links are set forever. At least, for the entire existence of the site where they are placed. And these links are considered the best option for increasing the referral mass. Especially if most of the link profile consists of unanchored links .

They have an order of magnitude more advantages:

  1. Installed forever. Links exist forever. They do not flicker and do not disappear forever. And if this happens, you can request a refund through the exchange.
  2. They are considered trust. Eternal links are placed on quality sites. Such resources are constantly developing, thereby increasing the weight of posted links. Therefore, the effect of their placement is an order of magnitude better than that of temporary ones.
  3. Paid once. You don't need to follow eternal links. They do not need to be continued. The monthly budget is spent not on maintaining old links, but on purchasing new ones.
  4. Placed in the text. If temporary links are published in the footer, sidebar and other elements of the site, then eternal links are inside the text. Having quality content on a topic that unobtrusively invites you to click on a link (to buy a product or get more detailed information) increases the likelihood that users will click on it.

And they have one minus - high cost. Although in the long run, the permanent extension of temporary links will be more expensive than the one-time purchase of eternal links.

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There is also a related disadvantage - due to the high cost of these links, there will be less than temporary links. And the effect of placement will have to wait longer. But due to the quality, the result will exceed all expectations.

But there are no problems with where to buy eternal links. First, they can be ordered at specialized exchanges. Secondly, you can independently find high-quality sites and agree on the placement of the link.

Which links to choose, temporary or eternal

Let's summarize. Temporary links are not the best option. They are only suitable for landing pages created during the sale of a limited batch of goods. Such links are quickly indexed, which is extremely important in such cases. And when the goods are sold out, you can stop continuing them. The landing itself will also become unnecessary, and therefore there will be no negative consequences from the disappearance of links.

Other sites designed for long-term work are recommended to buy eternal links. Of course, they are more expensive, but they will give the appropriate effect. Of course, in order to get into the TOP-10 of search results, you need to take into account many nuances (buy normal website hosting , collect semantics, work on internal optimization), but this is a separate topic.

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Author: Oleh Rivtin

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