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Creating a one-page website or online business card in 2019 is easy. For this you need:

  • 5–10 dollars to register a domain (you can read about what a domain is in previous articles on our blog);
  • $10 for an annual lease of the simplest virtual hosting;
  • a couple of hours for searching, uploading to the server, customizing the template.

Templates are one or more HTML and CSS files and a collection of images used to create websites. The advantage over site builders or CMS is that the template design is already defined by the developer and to create a site you only need to replace filler texts and graphic elements with your own.

Types of site templates

The most common typification of site templates is by price. They are free and paid.

The design of free templates is unique and is developed on the basis of universal layouts with a standard set of blocks. Support for the creators of such templates is not guaranteed. And if there are difficulties during the setup, you will have to either search for a solution to the problem in Google, or pay the creator of the template for consultation and help.

Pay attention! Do not download free templates from unknown or suspicious online resources - their code often contains viruses. Download secure HTML templates at

The developers of the paid templates are quick to help if you have any questions about the setup. In addition, the creators of such templates help to modify them or adapt them for a specific purpose. As a result, the chances of meeting two identical sites that are built on the same paid template are reduced to zero.

Website templates should be purchased from proven resources:


In addition to the typification of templates by price, they are also classified by the types of sites for which they are intended for "construction". Paid and free site templates are developed for landing pages, online business cards, blogs, online stores, web portfolios.

Pay attention! After ordering a template, don't forget to register a domain and rent hosting. Without a web address and a server where HTML, CSS, JS files will be located, it will not be possible to make the site available online.

Is it possible to do without templates and universal design development?

If you host on CityHost, you can! By ordering virtual hosting for at least one month, you will be able to create sites using the constructor for free. The main highlight of this site builder is hundreds of templates, using which you can create in a couple of hours:

  • portfolio of a hand-maker, photographer or designer;
  • a site that informs about the time and place of parties or concerts;
  • landing on the topic of mobile or IT technologies;
  • food blog;
  • a site for a social project;
  • an online store with a set of functions that are available in PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento;

and other types of online resources on various topics.

To create a blog, online store or web business card on, you do not need to know what a site template is or what a site CMS is - an intuitive interface and designer prompts make the "construction" of any online resource simple and fast.

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