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How to correctly write the Title page


Title is a meta tag that defines the title of the web page in search engine results, as well as the name of the tab in which the web page is opened. Despite the fact that the title is a one-line HTML code, it plays not the least role in the search promotion of the resource and, in the case of correct composition, increases the CTR (Click-Through Rate - the ratio of the number of clicks on the title of the site in the search results to the total number of its impressions) . Like other meta tags , is placed inside the element

.... In popular CMS, a separate field is set aside for its definition or change in the administrative panel, and code editing is not required. If you create sites on WordPress, Joomla!, OpenCart or PrestaShop, this option will be available immediately after installing the engine.

Why is it important to specify the title correctly?

  1. The first thing that a user who entered a query in the search engine and pressed Enter sees is the titles of the sites. The accuracy and relevance of the information specified in them largely determines whether the user will go to the site.
  2. Since title forms the name of the browser tab, its correct definition affects whether the user will be able to quickly find it if many such tabs are open.
  3. The title is often displayed as the title of the web page when posting a link on social networks or sending it in messengers.
  4. For SEO, the title is very important. It helps search engines understand what information is on a web page. And, if the text of the site is irrelevant to the informational content of the page, it will lower its position in the ranking.

How to make the right title

  • If the title is too long, search engines will truncate it and put three periods at the end. Try to keep this meta tag between 30-65 characters (200-568 pixels) long.
  • Do not overdo it with keywords - this can negatively affect search engine optimization and worsen positions in Google, Yandex and Bing.
  • Write a unique title for each individual page. What will it do for search engine optimization? First of all, web spiders will not ignore pages with duplicate meta tags, they will scan and index them. As a result, more web pages will appear in search results, which, if properly optimized, will increase the chances of the site being found.
  • Meta tags must be defined on every web page, a rule that applies to both title and description.
  • Add a high-frequency request as close to the beginning of the title as possible.

Pay attention! In addition to placing key phrases in the title, think about having them in the domain name as well. You can read about what a domain is in previous articles on our blog.

  • Title should not duplicate the h1 title tag
  • Although titles are important elements for search engine optimization, create them with your site visitors in mind. After writing this meta tag, read it and think whether it would be clicked in the search results or, after all, would open a site with other title options. It is easy to guess what this will give the site - meta tags made with visitors in mind significantly increase CTR.

In which cases search engines determine the title automatically

Sometimes webmasters and SEO specialists are faced with a situation when a completely different version of the title is displayed instead of the title they specified. Search engines may ignore the meta tags you set and automatically generate their own variants in the following cases:

  • oversaturation of site names with key phrases - examples show that this also slows down the speed of the resource's movement to the TOP-1;
  • the title is irrelevant to the content of the page;
  • metatags for social networks are installed in the HEAD element of the web page - in such cases, search engines can generate the title taking into account information from them.

Remember that in addition to correctly written meta tags, the loading speed of web pages also plays an important role in search engine optimization. By renting a virtual server , you will forget about delays during transitions between different elements of the site and the appearance of errors in the event of a sharp jump in its traffic.

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