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How to register a domain in the .UA zone and what is required for this?

To register a domain in the .ua zone, you must have a valid registered Trademark .

A trademark is any designation or system of designations of a company or its goods and services made in a certain graphic style. With its help, you can separate goods and services produced by one person from goods and services produced by other persons.

If there is no Trademark, but you want to register it, you can apply for its registration through the form on our website:

How to register a UA domain if there is a Trademark


If you have a Trademark, the domain name registration procedure is generally no different from the standard one:

- register the desired domain name on the registration page, and if it is free, click " Register ". If you are not sure about the correct spelling of the domain according to the registered TM, please contact technical support for additional verification.

- pay for the selected domain and proceed to fill in the trademark data - " TM certificate number " (see screenshot below).

When registering a domain in the .ua zone, the following conditions must be observed:

  1. the profile of the domain owner must match the owner of the TM (more details in the rules of the zone );
  2. the domain name must contain absolutely all the symbols displayed on the TM logo;
  3. the domain name must contain only Latin characters, to translate Cyrillic characters into Latin, use the transliteration tool: .

NOTE: the domain registration procedure can take up to 14 days during which the registry checks the compliance of the ordered domain and TM. At this time, the domain record already exists in whois, and the status is set to pendingCreate at the time of verification.

In case of domain restoration from the redemptionPeriod, the registry re-checks the domain and TM for relevance and compliance of the data. The verification can last up to 14 days, during which time the whois will display the pendingUpdate status, the domain will be inactive until the verification is completed.

We recommend that you do not allow your domain to expire and go into redemption by renewing it in advance, since the data compliance check is not performed when you renew a domain in advance.


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