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Domain life cycle (hold, redemption, delete)?

During the martial law, for most Ukrainian domain zones, relief is introduced: domain restoration from phase 3 (redemptionPeriod) takes place at the usual price of a domain extension for a year, without additional increases, and phase 4 (pendingDelete) does not occur until the end of martial law. All this means that domains that have expired long ago can in most cases be renewed at the normal renewal price. To clarify the possibility of domain recovery, contact technical support.

Phase 0 — the domain is free and available for registration.

Phase 1 — the domain is registered , the status is set to ok or active . The term of registration is from 1 to 10 years.

Phase 2 — the domain has expired , it is suspended , and the status of hold is set. At this stage, the domain can be renewed at the usual price for 30 days .

Phase 3 — the domain expired 30 days ago, the domain is blocked , the redemptionPeriod status is set. At this stage, the domain can be restored at an increased restoration price within 25-30 days .

Phase 4 — the domain goes into deletion , the pendingDelete status is set. At this stage, there is no option to renew or restore the domain. The phase lasts 5-15 days , after which the domain enters phase 0 and again becomes available for registration to anyone.

You can find out the current phase of the domain and its validity period through any whois service , for example from Cityhost [link]

Types of domains

All domains can be divided into 2 main types — Ukrainian domains and international domains . Depending on the type, the dates of onset of phases will differ slightly for them, but all phases will necessarily be the same.

Ukrainian domain zones,, ua,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, укр,,,,,,

???? hold lasts 30 days

???? redemptionPeriod lasts 30 days

???? pendingDelete lasts 5 days in most cases

???? transfer is possible 60 days after registration or extension, but at least 17 days before the end of the paid delegation period

???? re-registration is available 65 days after the domain expires

International domain zones

 pw, org, com, net, voyage_old, info, in, biz, mobi, link, club, coffee, click, zone, tools, cool, city, company, site, top, town, bid, eu, technology, name, tech, shop, pro, me, cloud, vip, men, trade, party, date, webcam, win, store, group, online, space, website, agency, systems, email, ceo, clothing, guru, holdings, plumbing, singles, ventures, camera, equipment, estate, gallery, graphics, lighting, photography, construction, contractors, directory, kitchen, land, today, diamonds, enterprises, tips, voyage, careers, photos, recipes, shoes, cab, domains, limo, academy, center, computer, management, builders, solutions, support, training, camp, education, glass, institute, repair, florist, house, international, solar, marketing, viajes, farm, codes, cheap, bargains, boutique, watch, works, expert, foundation, exposed, villas, flights, rentals, cruises, vacations, condos, properties, maison, tienda, dating, events, partners, productions, community, catering, cards, cleaning, industries, parts, supplies, supply, report, vision, fish, memorial, legal, bingo, tennis, apartments, golf, tours, jewelry, theater, taxi, hockey, coupons, vin, wine, salon, credit, accountants, loans, energy, tires, creditcard, casino, movie, tld, sexy, tattoo, guitars, gift, pics, photo, christmas, blackfriday, hiphop, juegos, audio, hosting, property, auto, car, cars, game, courses, film, menu, wiki, express, dental, rent, clinic, services, art, xyz, bike, dance, promo, jobs, host, press, icu, travel, news, tv

???? hold lasts 30-45 days

???? redemptionPeriod lasts 30 days

???? pendingDelete in most cases lasts 5-15 days

???? transfer is possible 60 days after registration or extension, but at least 17 days before the end of the paid delegation period

???? re-registration is available 65-90 days after the domain expires

Recovery with redemptionPeriod

You can familiarize yourself with the price policy of domain recovery from the redemptionPeriod status in more detail [at the link] by hovering your mouse over the domain cost label.

The cost of restoration is set directly by the administration of the domain zone and may be different for each domain zone.

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