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How to transfer a domain for service to our company?

The domain transfer procedure is a change of the current domain registrar . After the transfer of the domain to us, you will have the opportunity to continue , manage and receive high-quality technical support of the domain within the framework of our company.

To make a transfer, you need:

  1. Notify your current registrar about your desire to transfer to our company. The registrar must provide you with: AUTH-CODE (transfer code) for your domain, as well as open the contact details of the domain owner in the registry, or provide the password from the contacts of the domain owner (registrant). The current registrar may request to enter the data of the new registrar, in this case you can inform us of our registrar identifier: UA.CITYHOST-LLC, registrar name: TOV CITYHOST ( CityHost LLC ) .

    Please note that the domain transfer block on the side of the previous registrar must be removed for the transfer to take place.


  2. Go to your personal account:
    [ -- Domains -- Transfer domain to CityHost] or via the link to the transfer page

    If the domain is not added , then at the top right we find the inscription " Order or transfer a domain " :
  3. In the menu that opens, you must specify your domain name (without http: //), as well as specify the transfer code (AUTH-CODE), which should be provided to you by your previous registrar :
  4. Features of transferring international domains (com, net, org, info, in, biz, etc.): Your current registrar must allow domain transfer. To verify this, look at the domain's WHOIS information. The "Status" field should read "Ok". From the moment of registration of the domain name itself, more than 60 days must have passed, if the domain was registered less than 60 days ago - transfer of the domain is not possible according to the rules of the domain zone.


  • To apply for a transfer, your account must be topped up with the cost of the transfer itself. You can get acquainted with the prices for the transfer of domains in the section: . The transfer price includes the extension of the domain name for one year, therefore, after the transfer procedure, the domain will be renewed automatically.
  • To carry out the transfer, the contact details of the owner must be open. In the event that the data is closed, our specialists will send to your registration email a request for a password from the domain owner's contacts.
  • The domain owner must match the CityHost account owner, or a corresponding profile must be created for the domain owner. If the data do not match, the transfer will be rejected.
  • The transfer lasts 5-7 days.
  • After the successful transfer of the domain name, the domain will be added to your control panel, and a message about the successful transfer of the domain will be sent to the contact e-mail.


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