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How to renew a domain?

To renew a domain, you need to log in to your control panel go to the "DOMAINS" section and click on the "CONTINUE" button opposite the domain you want:

If your internal balance does not have enough funds to continue the service, you have the option of writing out a new account for continuation.

In the domain extension form:

1. specify the desired extension period;

2. if necessary - select the function of continuation of the hosting used for this domain;

3. indicate from whom the payment is made (legal entity or individual);

4. click "write out an invoice and go to payment" if there are not enough funds in the balance.

NOTE: if you do not have the opportunity to pay the generated invoice now, you can always pay it in the section: [Payment - Issued invoices] .


Please note that we do not recommend paying invoices that were generated more than three days ago. To pay, you need to issue a new invoice for continuation.

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